Royal Applications Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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IT professionals often look for reliable solutions for managing their connections, server, and credentials. Only a few companies offer these reliable tools. One of these companies is Royal Applications. Its products are effective, easy, and affordable.

Royal Applications Review

While working in a large data center, a home network, or a test lab, you must use reliable software to manage all these. There should be a software to manage internal and external connections. There are some other tools to manage servers, protecting passwords, and handling credentials. Royal Applications provide software for all these tasks. Generally, IT related software is costly. But, the products of this company are really affordable. Get the solution using our coupon here. Grab the Royal Applications discount now. Let’s have a look at their features and pricing:

Connection Management

One of the finest products for Royal Applications is its Royal TS. Actually, it is a comprehensive connection management software for small and big teams. Generally, we use lots of computers or servers while working in a big time. In such cases, you have to deal with lots of connections. It is very tough to manage these connections without taking the help of a top quality software. Royal TS is a reliable option to deal with such issues.

This software is capable of working with several types of connections regarding remote desktop, web, VNC, and file transfer. Document synchronization is another great feature of this software. Royal Applications has offered a folder synchronization facility to this product also. That is why, you can create folders with the files stored in different sources. It is also helpful in assigning credential objects to respective connections. You are allowed to add custom colors and icons to mark different identities.

Royal Applications

Impressive Dashboard

Royal TS comes with a useful dashboard. While working with a bulk operation, it is very tough to deal with every file or connection one-by-one. In such cases, this dashboard will select multiple items at a time. Then, these things will be operated by a single instruction. This product of Royal Applications will show additional information for every item. For example, it will show the user name assigned to each object or operation. Necessary URLs will also be shown beside every item. There are advanced filtering and sorting options. So, the dashboard can be customized as per necessity.

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Server Management

Another great product of Royal Applications is Royal Server. A server may contain a big number of connected computers. It is very important to retrieve files from different computers. This product will help you to do so. There is built in search window to find out these files. Accessing these files is not the only essential task. You can also filter these files as per necessity. Another important feature of this software is its Windows services accessing facility. You are allowed to access and manage all the Windows Services from a single place. Royal Applications have added lots of document storing features to Royal Server. Users can easily load and save necessary TS/X documents to their server. More importantly, each of these documents will be secured by its strong protection facility. It supports dynamic folders also.

Royal Applications pricing

Password Processing

Sometimes, you may need to access Royal TS credentials in different browsers. In such cases, Royal Password is very helpful. This is a free product of Royal Applications. You can use this in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Another important thing is, it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. That is why, there will no problem to access TS credentials from different platforms. And, there is no need to fill any kind of web-forms manually. This software of Royal Applications has an auto-fill feature. That is why, creating mappings among different HTML elements, as well as, your credentials will be very easy. Only a few clicks are required to provide a few commands. Then, this software will import necessary info to web-forms automatically.

Royal Applications Coupon & Pricing

There should not be any objection to the price of any of the products for Royal Applications. As we mentioned earlier, Royal Password is a free tool. Other two products are affordable also. Each of the Mac OS and Windows OS versions of Royal TS is available for only €39 without the promo code in 2021. There are different volume offer facilities for these products. For an example, its site license can be bought by paying only €649. And, its Global License is available for only EUR 1249.

Similarly, the Personal License of Royal Server can be bought by paying only EUR 29. This license is suitable for a single user and one hosted document. The Individual License can be bought by paying only EUR 199 per user. This one supports unlimited hosted documents. Royal Applications provide a package of Royal TS and Royal Server. To purchase its personal license, you have to pay only EUR 89. A personal license is suitable for non-commercial uses only.

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