RocketLink Coupon: Get Fantastic Discount in 2021

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Buy any plan using our ‘Click to Redeem’ link and have nice 20% cash back as RocketLink coupon. This offer applies for any of the existing plan including Liftoff, Space and Galaxy.

Kindly have a look at the RL image for the discount coupon.

RocketLink Coupon

A marketer has to share so many links to grow the audience and customers. There are some ways to make these links more effective. One of these ways to use the RocketLink. It helps to retarget any share link very easily. It is an affordable solution too.

Features and Review of RocketLink

When you will run an online marketing campaign, you have to reduce the costs. For example, every promotional campaign has some costs per click or CPC. These are the costs for getting every click on every shared link. If a link is shared in some effective ways, it is possible to reduce this cost very sharply. Actually, you can do so by retargeting these links. In doing this task, RocketLink is a top quality tool. It is the first choice of so many marketers already. It is able to increase the audience in a quick time. Get your audience increased by purchasing RL with our coupon. The RocketLink discount can be obtained upon following the RL image instructions. This solution has plenty of important features.

Retargeting Pixels

RocketLink is capable of generating the retargeting pixels. Once someone clicks on your link, this solution will automatically keep him on your audience list. Then, you will be able to use those lists for further marketing campaigns. After buying this solution, there is no need to depend on any other tool to add the CTAs. RocketLink is able to add these call-to-action buttons on any webpage. Similarly, this software has a link shortener tool too.


Great Analyzing Capability

As I mentioned earlier, this solution has an ability to run different campaigns. It will also let you analyze each of these campaigns. That means, it provides all the statistical data quite impressively. This tool provides different options to deal with your audiences. For example, it is able to generate some QR codes and share those. These codes will be helpful for retargeting the audiences. RocketLink can find out all your shared links very easily. In doing so, it can search through different platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

RocketLink Coupon Code & Pricing

As per 2019, Liftoff Plan of this product can be bought by paying only 19 USD/mont. It is capable of dealing with 100 clicks per month. It supports 2 retargeting pixels. You can run 4 CTA promotions with this license. Space License is another impressive one. Prior to 2019, it is available for only 29 USD/month excluding the coupon. It is capable of handling 500 links per month and 5 different pixels. Similarly, it can handle 20 CTA promotions. RocketLink Galaxy Plan has a monthly cost of 69 USD, as of this post creating time. You will be able to work with 3000 links in every month with this. It is also able to handle 50 retargeting pixels and 100 CTA promotions. RocketLink has an Enterprise License too. You are allowed to customize the resources of this license as per necessity.

Hence, please have the tool for retargeting any link shared by you with our discount. For any more information on the RocketLink coupon, kindly contact us without any hesitation.