Rochen Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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Rochen coupon

It is a fact that there are thousands of companies that offer website hosting facilities. But, only a few companies are considered as reliable. Rochen is a popular name in this category.

Review of Rochen

Instead of offering lots of products, there are a few companies who think about high quality ones only. And, among these companies, we can find rare ones who also ensures affordable price. Rochen is one of these names. Its hosting facilities are fast, reliable, and affordable. This company is suggested even if you have a WordPress or Joomla site. And, it also offers hosting services for conventional websites. Another important thing is, their customer support team is very friendly. Get the webhosting solution with our coupon. Grab the Rochen discount now. Their major products, their features, and pricing info are as follows:

Website Hosting

Unlike other reliable companies, Rochen also offers website hosting or shared web hosting for all kinds of sites. This product is suitable for small and large websites. It supports unlimited databases. So, you don’t have to think about the size and content of your site. Full page caching is another great advantage of this product. This feature is helpful in making and keeping a site fast. Sometimes, website owners need to migrate their domains. In such cases, there is no need to depend on a third party tool. Rochen Website Hosting has a free account migration facility. This service also has a firewall protection tool. That is why, your site will be protected from online threats. It has an antimalware program too.


Managed Services

Nowadays, people do not like to create websites manually. Rather, they prefer WordPress or Joomla to create their sites. That is why, well-known hosting providing companies offer managed hosting services for these types of sites. Rochen provides separate products for WordPress and Joomla. These products come with free migration facilities. Ultrafast PHP is another great advantage of these. A lightning fast web server is there to boost up the hosting service. There are lots of convenient tools. For example, these products come with a staging tool. And, these also have an automatic daily backup facility. Regular WordPress and Joomla updates will keep your site faster.

Rochen Coupon & Pricing

We have mentioned about three different products of the solution. Each of these products has multiple licenses. Their Solo Plan is available for only $5.95 for the first month without the promo code. After one month, you have to renew the plan by paying only $9.95. This one is suitable for a single website. The Growth Plan can be used for providing hosting facilities to 5 different websites. This one can be bought by paying only USD 9.95 for the first month. Then, the renewal fee will be USD 18.95 for each month. Similarly, you have to pay only USD 16.95 and USD 29.95 for the first month to purchase Rochen’s Pro and Reseller Plans respectively.

Therefore, please grab the webhosting solution using our discount. For any other query about Rochen coupon please contact us.