Ringostat Discount: Impress Coupon on Intelligent Call Tracking Tool

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Ringostat Discount

Customers are the most important thing for any kind of businesses. You have to know about each of these customers very well. In doing so, it is important to track every customer. A call tracking service can be used for this task. Ringostat provides a very efficient call tracking facility.

Review and Features of Ringostat

If you run a business, your customers may contact via their mobile phones. These customers can come from different sources. It is essential to know where they come from. This data will help you to create a more effective business strategy. These customers will come to your website. On that site, there must be some additional facilities so that they can communicate with ease. Ringostat provides some solutions to these problems. It provides an efficient customer call tracking. It also has a call back facility. Enjoy these amazing Ringostat features with the discount. Simply follow the aforementioned image procedure and easily grab the Ringostat coupon. This solution comes with a big number of features and facilities. Here are some of those:

Impressive Call Tracking

Normally, a customer comes to a website after watching or clicking on a promotional ad. You may run various types of ad campaigns. That means, these ads may be published on various platforms. The call tracking facility of Ringostat will identity which caller or customer comes from which platform. If most of the customers come from a specific platform, then that platform is the most profitable one. This service will also identify the best performing ads. That means, you will be able to offer more ads of similar types. Ringostat provides 3 different types of call tracking. The static call tracking service is capable of dealing with every offline ad campaign. For any kind of online campaign, the dynamic call tracking is more effective. When you will run some offline and online campaigns, then the combined call tracking is very much suitable.


Callback Widget

Ringostat provides a top quality callback widget. This widget can be used for adding a callback button to any website. If you do not want to let every customer make a call, then this facility can be offered. Whenever a customer will come, he will be allowed to click on the callback button. Then, you will get a notification. If it is necessary, then you can contact with that customer. Meanwhile, you will also get a list of real contact numbers.

Ringostat Discount and Multiple Pricing Plans

Ringostat Basic plan will allow you to deal with 250 visitors per day. This one is available for 49 USD per month without any promo code. The Standard Plan is a very popular one. It can be purchased by paying only 74 USD per month, as per this post creating time. It is capable of dealing with maximum 1000 website visitors in each day. Sometimes, you may need to deal with up to 5.5 thousand visitors per day. In that case, Ringostat Pro Plan is the most suitable license. Its monthly cost is only 199 USD. This solution provides the Enterprise License, which is actually a custom plan. That means, you can scale it up as per necessity.

Therefore, take advantage of the intelligent call tracking software with our coupon. We hope, you will like the Ringostat discount.