RingCentral Review : Communicate via Call, Message or Video

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Communication system is getting more flexible in this time. Without assuring the flexible communication system in our modern life, we can’t get proper result almost in all sectors. Specially, in the business section, the online based communication system ensures an effective result. To allow all the facilities through the cloud based activities in the business section, RingCentral is a dependable platform. This assures the activities to manage the communication system with the clients and the customers through the phone system or messaging process. All the activities are performed through the cloud based way. By depending on this, you can easily manage the meeting through the online based. So, you won’t miss any single message from your clients with the support of this.


The Summery on RingCentral

Business communication is an essential issue for every business sector. To break down the communication barrier, many software products have been developed. Among of them, RingCentral is one of the best and reliable names. It establishes the business communication medium to the users by using various devices and cloud based system technology. Many people are using the products of RingCentral around the whole world.

Working Procedure

Through RingCentral, the users can easily integrate the cloud based phone system with your PC. Here, you need to plug in the IP based desk phones as well as the PC with the internet connection. After that, you have to install RingCentral App in the smart phone of the corresponding employees. In this process, the communication process can be established. After that, you can manage the cloud based voice system as well as the text or audio messaging process. Moreover, the video meeting can be established through the support of this. Here, you can organize the users from the control panel section. By using the IP phones, you can easily handle these activities.

Features Offered

Under the calling system, there are a lot of functions available. Among of these functions, the first one is the auto attendant. By using the process of auto receptionist, you will be able to greet the callers and you can also route them in the corresponding department. Under this, you can add some functions for making your business firm more innovative and user friendly to the users. After that, the call forwarding system will reach to the viewers. With the support of this feature, you won’t miss any single call. For maintaining the business firm with full performance, this function is very effective. The call forwarding system can be established almost in any device and at any place. Moreover, call recording process can also be established.

The online based meeting can be arranged through the conferencing option.  Here, you need to ask for the clients and then you need to share the meeting with the video sector. Under this category, you can allow more than 50 participants at a time. With the proper scheduling system, you can ask for any meeting. While organizing any meeting, you can also record them for the clients who have missed the meeting.

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Different Components

RingCentral has distributed many products for the flexible communication system. These products are: RingCentral Office, RingCentral Professional, RingCentral Fax. These products are effective in various sections. To route any call or fax anytime and anywhere for the user or for the employees, it applies a systematic function. It offers more than 200 area codes. Single phone number such a home phone can be replaced for business case by customization the system.

The mobile application section of this product is a new addition in the communication section. By using the company’s phone number, you can receive any call. User can make the separation between personal voice message and text message from the business messages. It allows this system for Android, iPhone as well as for the Blackberry also. RingCentral offers two plans for the users. These plans are: Pro & ProPlus. User can get more facilities in ProPlus plan than the Pro plan.

RingCentral office allows some user friendly facilities. Such as, you may cover the communication server almost in all the business location by using a single monthly bill. Moreover, the user can change their settings with their admins also. Moreover, RingCentral offers some more facilities like voice service with high quality. Here, the fax sending and receiving process is same just like the email sending or receiving system. The fax alert system, fax notification and other facilities are provided here. Besides, you can use this in your Smart Phone also.