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RewardLeads Coupon

Customers and visitors, who actively and continuously shops online on a regular interval, love to be rewarded with multiple points. When points are rewarded, customers feel a sense of accomplishment, and hence, it boosts their shopping satisfaction level. One of the secrets to increasing sale rate is through rewarding active clients and customers on a regular basis. Therefore, to provide such rewarding solution to a system, an innovative software called RewardLeads is available.

Review of RewardLeads

RewardLeads delivers users with various types of immersive rewarding schemes, and attractive templates to attract customers, and convert them. Avail all the cool RL features making a purchase with the coupon. The RewardLeads discount will be useful. There are two parts provided below that consists of elaborated descriptions of features of this software:

Smart Points

RewardLeads enables users to reward their visitors and customers in handsomely manner that makes the clients want to return again. Points can be rewarded to clients for simply visiting users’ page, also, clients can earn points by viewing specific videos. Webinar sessions can be held where upon registering and attending the online seminar, all attendees will get rewards. This sort of reward points guarantees to provide users with a large number of loyal customers, and helps grow subscribers list. Emailing to subscribers can be customized, hence, to increase the email open rate, users can add in individual customers’ loyalty points. This is a smart way to display reward points to subscribers without spamming emails.

Unique Templates for Store

RewardLeads provides the freedom for the users to fully customize their online store. Customization includes adding variety types of fonts and texts to make item selection easier. And then, to make the store look premium, users can implement their brand logo to make it more appealing. Video advertisements allow audiences to directly view their desired product in motion, and accelerate the process of product purchasing. Therefore, users can add videos onto their store to display specific products to boost sales and increase the profit margin. The software also delivers users with monthly brand new templates, free of charge, to be used onto users’ store.


RewardLeads Coupon, Price and Benefits

RewardLeads can be initially bought for one time payment of $37, and then users can subscribe for monthly payment of $37 excluding the coupon. The subscription can be cancelled whenever the users wants and the contract will be terminated immediately. Therefore, users are provided with a flexibility on whether they want to continue or not, without any risked involved. All features and tools provided by RewardLeads are accessible with the onetime payment and hence, there’s no hidden payments involved.

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