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Though there are so many sales automation tools, there are only a few sales acceleration tools. is a reliable sales acceleration solution. This platform helps to maintain a better communication with the prospects. In other word, it helps to increase your sales at a higher rate.

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Most of the business owners want to get more leads and prospects. But, there are some more important things. You have to communicate with each and every prospect. They may send some emails and ask some questions. If you can send them the replies, they will feel more attached with your business. But, it is not possible to send instant replies manually. And, it is also very difficult to maintain a regular communication. is an amazing platform to complete these tasks automatically. Avail the amazing features with our discount. Grab the coupon today. The main features and facilities of this sales acceleration platform are:

Easy Communication

There are so many ways to communicate with the prospects. This platform is capable of managing the contacts very easily. Before that, it helps to create more contacts in a quick time. It is very important to run some drip campaigns for communicating with many prospects. has a built in email automation facility. That means, it can bulk emails very efficiently. Sometimes, emailing a customer is not enough. In such a case, making a phone call is more effective. It uses a VoIP platform to do so. As a result, you don’t have to depend on any unsecured VoIP system.

Email Validation

Every online campaign depends mostly on the success in email sending. Suppose, you have a big number of prospects. Different types of promotional campaigns should be sent to these prospects via emails. You have to ensure that each of these email recipients is valid. In doing so, there is no need to depend on any other solution. has a built in email validation tool. Similarly, this platform offers an analytics and tracking tool. This tool is capable of finding out the performance of every campaign.

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Highlights of the Application helps to bring LinkedIn to find a prospect audience that will bring prospected audiences to the site. As a result, users will find prospects from LinkedIn that attracts an audience from the LinkedIn. Linkedin has one of the richest and quality audience. It has the potential clients that are more active and more willing to take action. So that it becomes easier to bring more audience to the site. It automatically verifies the very authentic email. The email verification helps to increase the open rates on the site. As a result, the success of running an email campaign will be easier and the success ratio of the campaign will be higher.

The bounce rate of the email will decrease and more conversion will come. Users will also get the opportunity to contact the clients through email, personal messages, and phone calls as well. generates a list of different kinds of tasks so that users run multi-channels and create sequences. It allows us to install the list so that people can provide a faster to the clients. It provides proper A/B testing that allows you to check call recordings as well. It also helps to do A/B testing on email templates and sequence templates to check whether it will work on email campaigns or not.

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Staffing and Recruiting allows us to recruit new employees and bring new staff at a fast pace. It makes the work HR department easier and smoother so that they can solve any issues with ease. It helps to analyze the steps to recruit new employees and provide the best strategy for it. As a result, you do not need to stay with a lack of employment for a long amount of time. It can be done with some short steps. It allows engaging with entire candidates so that users can stay connected to the employee. Discount and Pricing comes with different kinds of licenses. First of all, let’s know about the individual licenses only. Its price starts from only $40 per user excluding the discount in 2021. In this case, this platform will contact up to 200 prospects in a month. You can get this license to contact with 1000 customers in every month. In that case, the cost will be only 55 USD per user. Similarly, The Individual License is available for contacting with unlimited people. has some business licenses. Among these licenses, Small Team is the smallest one. It is for a team of 3 members. Its monthly cost is only 200 USD prior to 2021. The Predictable Revenue License is available for only 500 USD per month. It is a license for a team of ten members.

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