Recruitee Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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Recruitee Discount

There are various types of software. But, only a few of them has an applicant tracking capability. Recruitee is a very good one in doing task. This is a very popular recruitment software. It is used by a big number of companies. Even some employer brands depend on it.

Review of Recruitee at a Glance

Sometimes, we need to recruit some new employees in our organization. Generally, the human resource department does this task. But, it is very tough to rely on only a team. It is a time of computer world. That is why, you can use a recruitment software in doing this task. Recruitee is a very good option for it. This software is not only for a specific organization, but also for an employer team. In short, you can create an employer brand by using it. Get Recruitee cheaply with the discount. Grab the Recruitee coupon today. It comes with so many features and facilities.

Candidate Management

All the features of Recruitee are organized into several categories. Job Management is one of these categories. Every job must have a hiring workflow. This software will let you customize that workflow as per necessity. Sometimes, it can be necessary to move one candidate from one group to another. The drag and drop system functionality of this solution will help to do that. This software is capable of accessing more than 400 job boards. Nowadays, different types of social media bring more candidates. Recruitee can share any job opening across several social networks. It provides a top quality candidate management system. This software can import bulk candidates with ease. Employee referral tracking is another good advantage of this software.



Manage Talent Pools

Talent pool management is one of the finest features of this software. It will help you to filter each and every candidate in terms of different things. For example, it can filter them in terms of some screening questions. Within each talent pool, this software can track the activity of every team. Sometimes, it can be necessary to store various notes regarding every team. Recruitee is capable of doing so with ease. This software also has some team management and data analysis features.

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Highlights of the Application

Recruitee provides many eye-catching features for the business. It makes it easier to collaborate with the team during the recruiting process with very ease. This hiring tool will allow the users to easily work with the hiring managers, agents, and all other workers within just one place. Users can assign unlimited tags to the data so that team can understand the direction they’re working towards. Users can contain unlimited tags in the data as much as they want. Users can also add the mention of the clients with this software very easily. Users also will get real-time updates regarding the data. Users will be able to get notified when the new applicants apply to the job in real-time with ease.

Recruitee also provides reminders to the team whenever users have scheduled the interview with the applicants. The software provides a pool of talents for potential applicants. It is with this application user can easily make sure that they can filter the data. Users can choose the type of applicants they want from the big pool of talents with ease. Users can even do a smart search and find out the applicants they are interested in finding the applications that are working.

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Resume Parsing

For big companies or even the jobs that have a high salary, there can be thousands of applicants applying for it. Users do not have the time to deal with the application. Users can in this case use the feature of Smart Scanning of Recruitee. Recruitee highlights the skills of applications according to their expertise levels based on the bar graph. If users want an SEO manager, they will be able to see they are expertized on Google, Facebook, and Other Website how experts they became in a short time. So as a result, users can pick and choose the applicants that have more expertise in the desired field users to want to hire.

Recruitee Discount & Pricing

Everyone may not need an applicant tracking software for the same number of job openings. For this reason, Recruitee has four attractive licenses. The Professional Plan of this product is available for only 79 USD/month excluding the discount in a yearly billing system. This one supports 4 active job openings and 4 talent pools. According to this post creating time, the Expert Plan is available for 149 USD/month. It is capable of working with 9 active openings and 9 talent pools. Similarly, the Corporate License allows 299 USD/month. It supports up to 20 job openings. Recruitee Enterprise supports more than 20 job openings. This is actually a customizable license. All these licenses support unlimited users.

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