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To make a successful animation movie you need some special software. These software can make your project more realistic to the viewers. To make your project more acceptable to the users, Reallusion is providing many software. These products are balanced with various effects and tools.


Reallusion Products & Review

To connect with the content of 3D and iClone, 3D Exchange acts as a factor. Simply, it’s working just like a tool for streamlined editing. For importing skin-bone characters in iClone you have to use 3D Exchange.  Moreover, the features of 3D Exchange are very simple to understand because of its flexible design. The facilities of these products are:

iClone5 Standard

It is very effective for 3D animation. It allows the actors from real life pictures because it can re-size the actors for an animation movie in CG model. Besides you can easily control the facial expression and the motion of the actors by using the contents of iClone5 Standard.

iClone5 Pro

By using a real life character you can create a 3D actor in the digital format. You can design the control of the face, eye by using the tools of this product. The motion, expression controlling system is allowed in iClone5 Pro. To control the background effect you can also use modular effect elements.

Crazy Talk Animator Pro

It has crossed the level of 2D animation. It allows two modes for the controlling of the actors. These modes are: composer, mood and mood for editing. It contains 36 base motions and audio lip-sync file with this software. It is also combined with the total combination of actors, audio clips, visual effects and tools. The software allows PowerPlus Vol.1 and 2 having actor, composer library and accessories for customizing them. Moreover, it provides DrawPlusX5 for the designers. Simply therefore you can create a complete 3D animation movie by using the products of Reallusion.

Character Customization

Users can easily customize the actors by 3D Exchange.  For making any change you have to use FBX format in this product.  To convert any character into animation it provides the customization tools which can be directly used in 3D animation.

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Motion Change

This product allows the users to change the position of any character. You can control the motion of the actors by external tools. Besides, you can do this by changing the position of the camera.

Prop: To build up a 3D model user can use the props. To use any structural view in 3D animation you can use the built-in effects of 3D Exchange. To making the content more realistic you can change the view of those effects.

Facial expression controlling: To control the facial expression of any animation, 3D Exchange provides some facilities like, audio lip-sync, rotation of the eye, smile effect, etc. Besides in a 3D action animated movie, 3D Exchange allow the users to customize the content of 3D tools.