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Rank Ranger Discount

Review of Rank Ranger

Nowadays, online marketing is growing as it helps to generate tons of profitable revenue for business personnel and corporate agencies. Creating contents, engaging with audiences and keeping track of everyday activities manually can be a tiring task. Also, in order to successfully maintain and continue marketing online, there is a need for various kinds of tools. Obtaining these tools can be very expensive and manual work requires tons of effort. To tackle all these problems, there is a highly recommended software called Rank Ranger. The Rank Ranger delivers users with technologically advanced tools to allow users to do online marketing without any hassle. If the RR review impressed you, then please make the purchase with our discount. The Rank Ranger coupon will be really helpful. Now, let’s look at some of the features provided:

Keyword and RankTracker

Rank Ranger’s tracking tool helps users to be up to date with the latest and most popular keywords. By having insights on the rank of the keyword, users can decide which keywords to use and avoid. Rank Ranger directly sends reports of each keywords’ rank that is being used on all sorts of devices. Therefore, keywords used on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop are all tracked, and the ranks are sent to the users. Analysis Tool is provided to compare and contrast the position of users’ and their competitors’ website. This will allow users to market their product and campaign strategically rather than randomly.

Rank Ranger

Easy Usage and Dashboard

There are various kinds of software out there that are too complicated and difficult to use. These types of software not only wastes users’ time, but also their valuable resources. Unlike these software, Rank Ranger, is the complete opposite as it is extremely simple to get started with. There is no need for the user to invest in learning extra technical skills to use this software. The dashboard provided by the software is very easy to operate and manage. Their dashboard comes with multiple features that allows users to work efficiently and in a flexible manner. Users can check increment and decrement of keyword usage, rank of specific keyword, and much more all through their dashboard.

Rank Ranger Discount, Price and Plans

Rank Ranger has various types of tools available for a very affordable price. Platform has three types of plan available, and all of them involves a monthly subscription payment. Platform Basic package can be purchased for $69, and Standard and Premium package is available for $119 and $199 without any promo code. Marketing Dashboards has three types of plan available that involves a monthly subscription fee. Ten Dashboards can be purchased for $40 while Twenty Dashboards and Forty Dashboards can be purchased for $80 and $120. Search API also has three types of plan available for a monthly subscription fee. Hundred API Daily is available for $350 while Hundred API Weekly, and Monthly is available for $500 and $1800.

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