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PushMaze coupon

Nowadays, almost every website contains various push notifications. These notifications are capable of grabbing more attentions in a quick time. PushMaze is a web and mobile push notification sending software. It is cheaper than many other similar tools.

PushMaze Review

Different tools are capable of creating and sending push notifications. But, the most of these tools can deal with web notifications only. But nowadays, a big portion of visitors comes from mobile devices. For this reason, you have to send mobile notifications also. Only a few tools are capable of sending both the web and mobile notifications. PushMaze is one of these solutions. This software is very effective. But, you have to pay only a little to grab its license. Get the software with our coupon easily. Grab the PushMaze discount now.

Scheduled System

Creating a message to broadcast is not the only important thing. You have to show that at the right time on webpages. It is not possible for a person to do this task by sitting in front of a computer whole day. That is why, PushMaze comes with a web-based scheduling system. It allows to set a time for showing every message. Then, it will automatically show the notifications on time. Another important thing is, this software is a self-hosted one. It provides both the REST and JS APIs. Hence, an advanced customization is possible. And, you will get access to all the data with ease. PushMaze has an advanced segmenting facility. That is why, you can target more different segments of customers. Then, different manners may be followed to deal with these groups.


Add Images

People do not love to watch text messages all the times. Rather, they prefer watching images and other graphic contents. For this reason, PushMaze allows to add images in every notification. There is no difficulty in this process. Just a few clicks are enough to do so. For every notification, you are allowed to set an expiration date and an expiration time. After that time, that particular message will not be broadcasted. This feature is very important for promoting a limited time offer. It will also provide necessary reports with tons of data.

PushMaze Coupon & Pricing

Pricing is another very important feature of PushMaze. There is no need to pay a certain amount every month to use it continuously. Rather, you just have to pay a one-time fee of USD 179 without the coupon. After paying this little amount, you will get several benefits that may not be provided by other paid tools. For example, it is capable of dealing with unlimited push messages. This software supports all kinds of Android and desktop browsers. That means, a big number of audience can be targeted with it. PushMaze also supports unlimited users. A top quality customer support facility has made it more user friendly.

Hence, get the web & mobile push notification software easily with our discount. Hopefully, the PushMaze coupon will make you happy.