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Publicfast Coupon

An influencer can influence your purchasing or selling via different platforms. Nowadays, various types of influencer marketing platforms have become popular. Publicfast is one of these online platforms. This one is suitable for the creators and brands.

Features and Review of Publicfast

If you are a creator, it is very important to generate some social contents. There is no difficulty in creating these contents. But, some problems are there to make that more effective. In this case, you can take help from an influencer. Similarly, a brand promotion requires various effective contents. You should pay depending on the quality of each content. In this case, an influencer is very much helpful. There is no need to find an influencer manually. Publicfast is a reliable online platform in doing these tasks. A big number of marketers and creators already depend on it. Avail the brilliant PF features with our discount coupon. The Publicfast discount will be helpful. So, let’s see some major features of this influencer marketing platform:

Useful for Brands

If you have several brands to promote, a big number of contents are required. Publicfast is a platform where thousands of creators are available. You just have to describe a few things to them. For example, the brand name and target should be described. There are several social platforms. You have to select a few platforms. Another important thing is, there must be some videos, images, and other contents. You can also select some links and hashtags. The selected influencer will deal with all these things. And then, he will provide some top quality written contents. You can easily track the performance of each post by using Publicfast. Depending on its result, you have to pay to the creator.


Money Earning Facility

Publicfast is very much friendly for the creators. A creator can easily fill his profile. Then he can look for his favorite brand. That brand may need various contents. The creator can easily create some profitable contents. Then, this platform will help to share those contents on different social platforms. These posts will make some impacts. Then the respective brand will pay the money to the creator. This entire process can be done by using Publicfast. In other word, there is no need to depend on any other tool or platform.

Publicfast Coupon, Plans and Pricing

Multiple pricing plans are available for accessing this platform. The Free Plan of it helps to launch a public campaign with ease. Even, it allows to start a campaign without costing a single penny. Publicfast charges 25% commission on the earning of each campaign. The Pro Plan of this platform comes with more features. It helps in the budget planning and campaign reviewing. This license costs only 149 USD per month excluding the coupon. Sometimes, some more facilities can be required. For example, you may need a proper auditing and reporting facilities. In such a case, the Enterprise License of this platform is suitable. This license comes with a custom pricing facility.

So, please avail the influencer marketing platform with our discount. We believe, you are going to enjoy the Publicfast coupon.