PUB2ID of Markzware Review, Convert to InDesign Plugin

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Data conversion tools can be needed for anybody. Mainly, the publishers and programmers need those tools for their professional tasks. So many software companies are there to create and provide various types of data converter products. Before buying and data converter, you can visit the homepage of the Markware brand and consider the products of this brand. You will find there the PUB2ID product which is actually an InDesign Plugin. We have discussed here about the features of this product of Markzware.

PUB2ID of Markzware

Overview of the PUB2ID of Markzware

No matter if you are a professional printer, publisher or a programmer you must use different types of data conversion tools for the quickness of your works. There are many companies which provide data converters. Among all those companies the Markzware Software Company is a very popular name. This company provides some efficient and quick data and document converter tools. PUB2ID is one of the main products of this company. This InDesign plugin can convert the Microsoft Publisher documents into InDesign Documents very quickly.

Why to Choose the PUB2ID of the Markzware

Sometimes you may need to open the publisher documents to Adobe Documents. But you will not be able to open those if you do not use any software or tool. PUB2ID is such type of tool which has the capability to convert the Publisher documents perfectly to make those suitable for opening in the Adobe InDesign. Most important features of this plugin is it can be attached to any of the latest versions of Adobe InDesign. It can convert the documents created by using any of the versions of the Publisher between versions 2002 to 2010.

One of the most attractive sides of this product of Markzware is its operations are very fast. It can convert the documents in a few seconds. You will face no problem to handle its operation. You just have to choose the document you want to convert and then with just one click you will be able to convert that document very easily.

Key Features of This Plugin

Different contents can be there in the Publisher files. This software will collect and convert all those contents and then make those suitable for the Adobe InDesign. The efficiency of this product of Marzware is high but not 100 percentages. So it is best to proof check the created documents before saving or printing. To know the process of using this product you can download the video demonstration or user manual. You can use PUB2ID to your Windows or Macintosh device.

PUB2ID of Markzware review

First of all, this plugin is suitable for work with the Mac devices and Windows computers. It is best to use the CS6 version of the Adobe InDesign. You will face no major problem to use this plugin. If you face any problem then you can take help from the video demonstration or the user guide from Markzware. Demo or trial version of PUB2ID is not available.

Main Benefits of This Plugin

Now you have to consider the efficiency and speed of this product of Markzware. It cannot be said that it will not make any mistake during the conversion process. But there should be no doubt that PUB2ID is one of the most efficient data converter tools of this world. The speed of this plugin is very high. To convert any Publisher document, you just have to import and then this data converter will ask for one mouse click to start and finish its conversion process.

It can convert all the contents such as, the texts, colours and tables etc. very quickly. Data migration process can also be done with the help of PUB2ID. Even the page size will be converted very efficiently by this plugin. This Plugin can easily be installed to your Adobe InDesign and then it can be used to convert the Microsoft Publisher documents. No matter which version of MS Publisher was used to create the documents, this tool will convert the documents very quickly.