Provide Support Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

Avail Provide Support coupon as 25% cash back. The cashback applies on 1st invoice of any of the available plan purchase.

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Provide Support coupon

Visitors feel more comfortable if they get a live chat support facility on a website. You just have to install a software to your site to provide such supports. Provide Support is a great software for offering live chat facility on a site.

Provide Support Review

Nowadays, people do not want to make phone calls to get customer supports. Things have been changed a lot. Nowadays, they like to chat with support agents. In doing so, you have to add a live chat facility to your website. This task can easily be done by installing an effective live chat software. The name of that software is Provide Support. This solution is used by a big number of business owners and agencies. It is very easy to use. Get the live chat software with our coupon now. Grab the Provide Support discount now.

Live Chatting

There are lots of tools that are capable of adding live chat facilities on websites. But, the most of these tools are very difficult to use. Provide Support comes with a very easy technique. And, it is compatible with all kinds of websites. No other software is required for installing and using it. Sometimes, you may need to manage multiple chat rooms at a time. This software will let you do so with ease. Your operators may need to call each other. Provide Support will let them do so. Similarly, its call transfer facility is very impressive also.

Provide Support

Customizable Window

Sometimes, we see the chat window on a website is very disturbing. That is why, you have to be careful while adding chat windows on sites. This software has a chat window customization facility. You can move and resize windows with ease. Every chat console will support pasting photos from clipboards. That means, image sharing will be very easy. Visitor monitoring is another great thing about Provide Support. It will automatically create visitor lists and their location data. Their browser and OS information will also be tracked automatically. You can easily customize the chat icons with necessary branding.

Provide Support Coupon & Pricing

You don’t have to pay any unnecessary fee to use ProvideSupport. It can be bought for only one month and one operator. In that case, its Small Business license is suitable. You have to pay only $15 without the promo code. This license, can be bought for 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year also. In such cases, the fees will be USD 35, USD 60, and USD 99 respectively. Sometimes, you may need to run live chat facilities with the help of multiple operators. Its Corporate Plan supports 3 chat agents. Its monthly plan is available for only $30. You can also get it for more months, and even for a year by paying discounted fees. Similarly, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans of Provide Support are available for more agents.

Therefore, grab the software to support your website using our discount. For query about the Provide Support coupon please contact.