ProveSource Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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ProveSource discount

Social proofs can be used to convince new customers. These things should be presented well on websites. A suitable social proof software should be used for that. ProveSource is a great choice for such tasks.

Review of ProveSource

There are several tools that can show notifications on webpages regarding conversions, purchases, and engagements. But, the most of these tools do not show authentic conversions. That is why, visitors get betrayed. Using one of these conventional tools is not an effective way in a long run. On the other hand, ProveSource always shows authentic data. You just have to put these data on the right page in a suitable manner. Before publishing these things, you have to add necessary titles, texts, colors, and links. Then, people will accept these as social proofs and deal with you. Get the social proof software with our discount. Grab the ProveSource coupon now. The top features of this solution are:

Versatile Solution

Social proofs are very useful in all kinds of websites. That is why, ProveSource can be installed on any site. Its installation process is very simple. Just follow a few simple steps and reload your site. Generally, other social proof tools require several hours to be installed. But, you have to spend a few minutes in this case. There is no need to purchase a separate tool for landing pages. This tool is installable on any landing pages. Similarly, a big number of online store owners use it to boost up their sales. Another very important thing to consider is the visitors who browse via mobile devices. You have to engage them as much as possible. ProveSource has a mobile responsive facility. That is why, it can display notifications on all kinds of mobile apps and websites.


Easy Notifications

Actually, ProveSource is able to show notifications to every new potential customer. You will have the total control on these notifications. It is possible to show amazing creativities while designing these notifications. There is no need to use another app for such designing. It has a built in notification designing tool. This tool offers only six steps to create a notification. These six steps are very easy even for a newbie. While designing a notification, you will be able to add necessary colors, timers, texts, and images. It is possible to add various types of display rules also. That means, you can set the time duration for each notification. And, the time gap between showing the next notification can also be controlled with ease. ProveSource supports various types of third party integrations. That is why, its effectiveness is higher than other similar tools.

These mentioned ProveSource features may get with our coupon. Extra discount for the social proof software is not needed.

Activity Tracking

One of the finest features of ProveSource is its activity tracking functionality. Every activity of a customer will be tracked by this solution very efficiently. For example, it is capable of tracking every click and impression. The engagement rates of them will also be tracked. Sometimes, you may need to add Google Analytics data. In such a case, there is no need to collect data from that platform. Rather, you are allowed to integrate Google Analytics with this social proof solution. Every website may have tons of regular visitors. It is very tough to follow the activities of each of them manually. You just have to set ProveSource once. And then, this solution will automatically capture each and every piece of data. Marketers often use the loop notification technique to grab more leads. This social proof software is capable of setting up loop notifications.

ProveSource pricing

Custom Display

Creating amazing notifications is not the only important task. You have to display these things in a more effective way. For example, it is possible to hide a notification on mobile screen. Visitors will be allowed to hide any notification with ease. Similarly, ProveSource allows them to close notifications whenever they want. The position of every notification on a page is very important. You have to place these things in a nice way so that visitors do not get disturbed. At the same time, these contents should be placed in a suitable place so that these can engage more visitors. Along with every notifications, you are allowed to show location flags, map icons, and conversions from a particular country.

ProveSource Discount & Pricing

ProveSource is not a costly solution at all. This software has one free plan and two paid plans. The Free License of it supports only a single active notification and unlimited impressions. This one is suitable as a trial product, but not as a professional one. In professional or business websites, you have to use a paid edition. The Starter License of this product can be purchased by paying only $18 per month without any promo code in 2021. It is suitable for dealing with 10 thousand unique visitors per month. Unlimited notifications will be shown by it. ProveSource has another plan named the Growth Plan. This one can be bought by paying only $45 per month. It is capable of notifying 50 thousand visitors per month. One of its top features is the custom branding. Each notification can be shown to visitors with a branding of your choice.

Hence, get the software with our coupon now. We hope the ProveSource discount will help to bring a lot of sales and conversion.