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A big number of people think that creating a social proof website is a difficult task. But, this task can easily be done with Provely. It helps to add amazing popup notifications or alerts to make a site social proof.

Review of Provely at a Glance

Compared to a simple website, a site with social-proof grab more audience attention. These sites show new sales, subscriptions, members, and customers to the visitors. Then, visitors tend to engage with products and services available to these sites. You can add these features to any existing website. Provely helps to do so. This amazing solution offers a few simple steps to generate social proof websites. Get the product with our coupon now and enjoy all the features and benefits. Grab the Provely discount now.


Display Sale Notifications

There are various ways to attract visitors to sell or promote your products and services. Nowadays, marketers love to set different kinds of notifications on their web pages to attract potential customers. Provely helps to show these notifications in real time. Whenever, you will get a new customer or make a new sale, it will show a notification on the website. Hence, existing visitors will see such notifications in real time. And, they will become interested in your products or services. This real time sales or lead notification system is mainly useful for large volume websites. Generally, these sites make regular sales. That is why, it is possible to show new notifications each day. Provely is able to handle unlimited real time alerts.

Alert Rotation System

We have already mentioned that the real time notification system is suitable for large websites. But, medium volume sites may not make new sales or get new customers in every hour. If you put a real time alert system, then the visitors may not see a notification in a few hours. That is why, Provely offers an alert rotation system. That means, it can show the same message over and over again according to a schedule. You will be able to select the period of time after which a message will be displayed. Similarly, this solution comes with an impressive facility for small websites. Generally, these sites may not make sales in every day. To attract visitors of these sites, Provely provides historical data regarding sales and lead generations. That means, this solution is suitable for all kinds of websites.

Provely review

Widget Customization Feature

You don’t have to show the notifications or messages with the same popup display boxes. Visitors always love to see attractive designs. That is why, Provely provides several popup templates. These templates are very easily customizable. Just pick a suitable template for a particular notification message and for a specific website design. The color scheme is a very important factor to make a popup more attractive. Each template has multiple color schemes. These colors can be changed anytime as per necessity. Generally, an ordinary notification popup generator does not work with all kinds of websites. But, Provely is not an ordinary solution at all. It can work with various platforms. Some of these platforms are WordPress, ThriveThemes, Leadpages, Instapage, and Click Funnels, etc.

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Some Smart Features

Sometimes, you may need to make sales to the people of a certain area. In doing so, necessary popups should be shown to people of a certain area. That is why, Provely comes with a location based technology. While setting up a widget, you have to select a few locations. After that, you will get targeted audience only. Another thing is, this solution allows to set the frequency. It is possible to show a popup to every visitor several times. But, that should not disturb any of them. For this reason, you have to set a suitable frequency regarding how often an alert should be shown. You can unlimited leads by using it. All its licenses support unlimited widgets. And, unlimited notifications can be shown to each website by using each of these licenses. Similarly, Provely has some other smart features.

Provely Coupon and Pricing

Three licenses of Provely are available. Each of these licenses comes with a monthly and a yearly pricing facility. For example, the Basic License of this solution can be bought by paying only USD 17 per month without the promo code. You can also enjoy it by paying USD 97 per year. It is suitable for them who want to work with a single domain. The Pro License is suitable for working with 5 different domains. You have to pay either USD 147 per year or USD 27 per month enjoy this amazing license. A big number of marketers may want to deal with a big number of domains. The Provely Ultimate License is suitable to them. To access it, you have to pay only USD 37 per month. It can also be bought by paying only USD 197 per year. The most important thing is, this plan supports unlimited domains.

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