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Profile Builder Pro Coupon

Sometimes, you may need to allow website visitors to create a profile on your website. This task can easily be done with a suitable plugin. The name of that plugin is Profile Builder Pro. It is a popular product of Cozmoslabs.

Profile Builder Pro Review

There are different ways to offer a registration system to website visitors. But, all these systems do not let them create a full profile. In doing so, a profile creation and management plugin is necessary. Only a few companies provide these tools. Cozmoslabs is one of these companies. It provides WordPress profile plugin that can add a profile creation and management system to any WordPress sites. Get the amazing WordPress plugin cheaply with our coupon. Grab the Profile Builder Pro discount now.

Necessary Shortcodes

Profile Builder Pro provides necessary shortcodes for logging in, editing profiles, and recovering passwords. The user password management system of this plugin is very impressive. You just have to create and post a page for offering new users to register. Whenever a new registration will be completed, this plugin will automatically send you an email notification. But, that does not mean anyone will be able to become a member without your permission. Profile Builder Pro has an impressive admin approval system. You can allow or disallow a new user to become a registrant. Sometimes, people love to log in with their user names. And, some people love to use email addresses to log in. This plugin supports both these methods.

Profile Builder Pro

Password Management

A weak password is sometimes very harmful for a profile. That is why, you have to ensure that people are setting strong passwords. In doing so, the built in system of this plugin is very effective. It is capable of eliminating weak passwords. But, you can easily set the rules for setting strong passwords. Depending on these rules, weak passwords will be eliminated. Similarly, Profile Builder Pro allows to set the length of passwords. It is not important to show every field to every user. This plugin has a conditional logic system. Depending on the inputs in a field, it is able to hide or show the next fields. This tool also allows the users to upload suitable avatars to their profiles.

Profile Builder Coupon & Pricing

Two versions of this product of Cozmoslabs are available. The Profile Builder Pro is available with various advanced facilities along with all the basic ones. It can be bought by paying only $149. You are allowed to use it on unlimited websites. But, everyone may not need it for unlimited sites. The Hobbyist Version is suitable to them. It is available for only $69 without the promo code in 2021. This version is for a single site only. And, it has several limitations also. For example, Profile Builder Pro supports repeater fields. It also supports the custom edit profile forms. But, the Hobbyist Version does not have these facilities.

Therefore, to add profile creation and management system to any WordPress site get the plugin with our discount. If you want any information about the Profile Builder Pro coupon, please kindly contact us.