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Have discount as 15% cash back for any plan: Standard, Premium or Enterprise. Please check the following Productive image for discount. discount

Agencies often look for a single solution that will help them in managing resources, projects, and co-workers. There is an excellent solution for these tasks. The name of that solution is Productive.

Review of Productive

Sometimes, people purchase separate tools for managing their company resources, personnel, and campaigns. Purchasing these tools separately has been always a costly option. Instead of that, we recommend to rely on a single solution that can perform all these operations. is a recommendable solution for these tasks. This software is suitable for all types of agencies. You just have to select and purchase a license of it as per necessity. Get the solution with our discount. Grab the coupon now. Let’s see some of its important features and facilities:

Profitability Tracking

There can be several problems in a project. It is very tough to find out these problems manually. Productive is an effective tool in finding out these problems. After that, you will be able to solve such problems with ease. Similarly, this solution is capable of determining the profitability of a project in a real time. Generally, there are two different projects. These types are fixed-budget campaigns and hourly-budget projects. This solution is compatible with both these types of projects. Even, it can work with mixed campaigns also. Productive is capable of considering both the overhead cost and facility cost. That is why, its outputs are completely reliable. While working with lots of employees it is very important to calculate their salaries. Each of your employees will have different salary data. This software considers all these data very efficiently.

Project Management

After determining the profitability of a project, you have to manage that well. There is no need to depend on any other tools for managing any of your campaigns. It has a built-in project management tool. This tool helps communicate each and every co-worker. It also allows to send them necessary files and make conversations. Then, you can easily assign different task to them. It offers a calendar to show all your work plans at a glance. It will very helpful in making a better plan. This software has a top quality notification facility. So, you will get notifications regarding every major improvement of a project.

Productive Discount & Pricing has three licenses, which are affordable considering their top features. The Standard License can be accessed by paying only $12.5 per month for a single user without any promo code in 2021. It helps in resource planning, time tracking, and creating budgets for projects. If you want to have more features, then the Premium License is suitable. It costs only $20 per month for every user. It has an advanced forecasting facility. Along with that, you will get an automatic time tracking facility. Similarly, the Productive Enterprise is even more powerful. This one is suitable for more than one hundred users. It has a dedicated account manager.

Hence, please get the software with our coupon. We hope the discount will be really helpful for you.