PrimaERP Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

Have PrimaERP coupon as 10% PayPal cash back. This offer is applicable for any of the following license purchase.

ATTENDANCE 10 users – 1 month subscription

ATTENDANCE 10 users – 1 year subscription

ATTENDANCE 10 users – 3 years subscription

BILLING – 1 month subscription

BILLING – 1 year subscription

BILLING – 3 years subscription

TIME TRACKING – 1 month subscription

TIME TRACKING – 1 year subscription

TIME TRACKING – 3 years subscription

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PrimaERP coupon

There is no need to hire so many people to manage your employee’s performance. PrimaERP is an impressive time tracking, attendance checking, and billing software. It can do the same work that several persons can do.

Review of PrimaERP

Instead of hiring people to manage the performance of your employees, you can use a reliable employee tracking software. Sometimes, people also use a time tracking software to find out the actual working time of employees. Similarly, a billing software is also needed for creating bills for clients. All these three important tasks can be done by a single solution named PrimaERP. Get the amazing ERP software cheaply with our discount coupon. Grab the PrimaERP discount now.

Attendance Monitoring

PrimaERP comes with a very easy technique to monitor the presence. You don’t have to do much in doing so. Just a single click is enough for this task. Another important thing is this solution will keep you informing about the number of presence on the go. That means, it is possible to track that by using mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Comprehensive timesheets will be created by it. After creating these timesheets, it will help exporting the data in Excel. For every employee, PrimaERP will add different data. For example, the time of getting in and getting out from your organization will be added. During a working session, there can be a break. This software will count that period also. That means, you will get an accurate report every day.


Accurate Billing

Every company works with lots of clients. Sometimes, these companies charge their clients for different services. Instead of doing this task manually, companies often use different billing software. After purchasing PrimaERP, there is no need to purchase a separate billing software. It includes a built-in module for creating accurate billing. Before creating bills, this software will ask for an hourly rate. Depending on this rate, the bills will be created. With every basic cost, some additional costs may need to be added. This software will automatically add those as per necessity. This software allows to customize every bill if you need. The payment status and overview of the bill will be created by this software with ease.

PrimaERP Coupon and Pricing

Along with attendance checking and billing, PrimaERP has a time tracking capability. As it can monitor the time well, billing info will be accurate also. Now, the price of this product is an impressive one. You don’t have to pay much. Just pay as much as you use. Its price varies based on the number of users. For every 10 users, the monthly cost of attendance monitoring facility is only $9 without the promo code. You can get its time tracking facility for free for 3 users. After that, only USD 4 should be paid for each additional user. Similarly, its billing service is free for one user. Then, you have to pay only $4 for each additional user. PrimaERP has yearly and 3-yearly plans also as in 2021.

Therefore, purchase the time tracking, billing and attendance software easily with our discount. Hopefully the PrimaERP coupon will make you happy.