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PressPlay discount

There should not be any doubt that the video marketing is a very impressive way to get more leads and sales. Nowadays, customizable video players are performing very well. We recommend PressPlay to them who are looking for a customizable player for their online projects.

Review and Features of PressPlay

A conventional video player shows the contents to a big number of viewers. If a viewer is deeply interested in the topic, he may watch that content fully. But, the most viewers skips a content before watching fully. So, you have to make contents more engaging by adding some extra elements. A customizable video player helps doing so. It will let you add share buttons, ask various questions, and, give viewers more control over your contents. PressPlay is an affordable video player that will offer all these facilities. Get amazing video player with our discount. Grab the PressPlay coupon now.


Control Video Player

Instead of working with a conventional video player, you should work with a player that can be customized with ease. PressPlay is one of these things. It will allow to control every element of the video player. There is no need to use the default branding. Instead, you will be allowed to use own company names or website names there. Multiple skins are available for this tool also. Sometimes, we see that people embed an impressive player inside a very common skin. That is why, they don’t get the desired result. PressPlay comes offers various eye-catching pop-up skins. These skins will look good on any kind of computer and mobile phone screens. Sometimes, it becomes very important to add your credit or brand to a video. It allows to add any watermark to make your contents branded.

Deliver Custom Message

Along with controlling the video player, you have to control the viewer experience. PressPlay helps doing so with ease. It allows to convey a customized marketing message to each and every viewer. The dynamic interaction facility will help to go through a video with every viewer. And, you can easily deliver a suitable message to any part of that content. So, viewers will get more attracted. You will get more sales and profits. PressPlay also has another impressive feature named hyper-targeting. It is not necessary to target a big number of people only. Rather, you have to target the interested people. This solution will help doing so very easily. That means, you will get the customers you want. And, customers will get what they want. If you like the discount for this video platform, make sure to have PressPlay monthly or annual license with the coupon.

PressPlay review

Manage Videos Features

The biggest part of online marketers run video marketing campaigns. They use tons of contents. But, these contents are not used properly. If a marketer can take full control over his contents, he will get more profit from the same content. PressPlay will let you take full control over videos. For example, it allows to decide whether a video will be automatically played after loading a page. This solution is capable of resuming a content from where a viewer had left the page. You can allow every visitor to pause a content and resume when they want. The video speed can also be controlled with ease. All these features indicate that PressPlay will ensure a great viewer experience.

Lead Generation Facility

Every online marketer often thinks about getting more leads. They also need to share their contents as much as possible. PressPlay is well aware of that. This software allows to add a share button in the middle of a video. As your contents will be very impressive, viewers will love to share those on their social media profiles and pages. So, there will be more viewers in a quick time. Similarly, this solution is helpful for getting more leads in a quick time by using attention grabbing video player skins. The insights and analytics facilities of PressPlay are very impressive too. It will provide engagement graphs that will show you the improvement of your campaigns. Various important data will also be provided by this solution.

PressPlay Discount and Pricing

We know about various tools that provide a big number of important features like PressPlay does. But, the most of these tools are very costly. The actual fee of this solution is very impressive. It provides two different plans. The Monthly Plan had an actual fee of $27 per month without any promo code. But now, you have to pay only $27 to buy this license. Similarly, the Yearly Plan was available for only USD 397 per year. But now, you can enjoy it by paying only USD 197 per year. That means, both these licenses have become more cost effective. Both licenses of PressPlay come with a video hosting facility. You can use this facility with YouTube, Amazon S3, and Vimeo, etc. platforms. So, you don’t have to spend more money by purchasing hosting facilities from other sources.

So, please purchase the product with our coupon. Hopefully, the PressPlay discount will fulfil your needs.