Pressable Coupon: Grab Discount on WordPress Hosting

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Buy any Pressable plan with our link and avail $50 cash back in PayPal, providing as Pressable coupon. This flat cashback offer applies for Freelancer/Agency/Enterprise/WooCommerce or any other available plan.

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Pressable coupon

For WordPress agency and WooCommerce website, only a few companies provide reliable hosting facilities. Pressable is one of these companies. It has various services for different types of websites. And, a dedicated team is always there to serve the customers.

Review and Features of Pressable

Many companies say that they offer managed WordPress hosting. But, the most of these companies do not provide fully managed services. On the other hand, some fully managed WordPress hosting services are very costly. That is why, you have to be careful while choosing any of these services. Our request is to depend on Pressable. This popular company offers fully managed hosting services for all kinds of WordPress sites. More importantly, it charges a very little amount for its products. If you want to enjoy the amazing features of WordPress hosting, then buy the product using our coupon. So, grab the Pressable discount now.

Very Powerful Servers

A WordPress site should be hosted with powerful servers. Otherwise, a site can show a lesser performance. That is why, Pressable comes with several physical servers. Each of these servers is capable of dealing with any site. Some WordPress sites have to deal with a big traffic. And, some of those do not get that much traffic. It is not a clever idea to use the same resource for every site. This company offers a scalable resource facility. Hence, it will work nicely with all kinds of small and busy sites. Another important thing about Pressable is its security. It will keep monitoring each and every server 24/7. If there anything harmful, it will automatically take necessary actions. There is a dedicated team to support any site. Whenever, there will be a need for resources, this team will serve that instantly.


WooCommerce Support

A big number of WordPress users run amazing WooCommerce stores. These sites require lots of extra facilities. An ordinary hosting service is not necessary to host these sites. Pressable comes with all these facilities. For example, it has an efficient Jilt Email Marketing facility. We know that the Jilt is a top quality email marketing platform for WooCommerce stores. It will help to create marketing funnels in a quick time. You will be able to send bulk emails with this tool. If you are a Pressable customer, then it can be accessed by paying 10% less. This solution includes the Jetpack Premium. It is a powerful site optimization solution. You don’t have to be worried about malware and improving content quality after accessing this solution.

Suitable for Agencies

If you are a freelancer, then might be necessary to deal with a big number of clients. Sometimes, you may not have enough time to deal with multiple sites manually. In such a case, a suitable solution of Pressable can be used. After accessing this solution, there is no need to depend on any other site migration tool. It is capable migrate a site to create a big number of new websites. A dedicated team will do this task for you. As the team members are very experienced, the migrated sites or new sites will perform very well. After generating a new site, Pressable will help to customize that with ease. For example, you may need to add Jetpack Premium with a website. The dedicated team will handle this task very efficiently. Similarly, some other facilities can also be added with ease.

Pressable review

Enterprise Solution

The managed WordPress hosting of Pressable is also suitable for enterprise level sites. Generally, these websites need to handle a very big traffic. That is why, this solution will automatically handle the redundancy of a site. The speed and optimization will also be controlled by it as per necessity. Another important thing is to monitor the performance. There can be several issues that must be diagnosed. Pressable will handle all these issues. Then, it will test the website performance. That means, you will get a more profitable enterprise website very easily.

Pressable Coupon and Pricing

For agencies or freelancers, there are three plans of Pressable. The Starter Plan is available for only USD 45 per month. It is able to work with 10 different websites. You have to pay only $90 per month to use its Pro License, which is capable of handling 20 websites. Similarly, the Agency Three License can work with 50 sites. And, it can be bought by paying only USD 225 per month without the promo code.

Pressable has three licenses for WooCommerce sites. Its Starter License is available for only $45 per month. This license can handle 200 thousand monthly visitors. 10 sites can handle with it. The WooCommerce Pro License is also able to work with 400 thousand monthly visitors and 20 different websites. Its monthly cost is 90 USD. Similarly, the WooCommerce agency can be bought by paying 135 USD per month. You will be able to handle thirty sites with it.

Hence, enjoy the latest hosting tool cheaply using our amazing discount. Hopefully, the Pressable coupon will be enjoyed by you.