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Premier TEFL discount

Learning English language is very important for students, employers, and job holders. There are several online platforms that help people to pass professional English proficiency tests. Premier TEFL is one of these online platforms. It is very easy, efficient, and affordable.

Premier TEFL Review and Features

There are several types of English language proficiency tests. Most of the organizations accept the certificates of multiple platforms. And, some companies support a particular one. IELTS and TOEIC are two widely accepted English proficiency testing certification program. If you want to get a good score on their tests, then our suggestion is to take help from Premier TEFL first. This online platform offers different courses for learning about these tests. Get the amazing learning tool using our discount. The Premier TEFL coupon will be really helpful for you.

Impressive IELTS Course

The International English Language Testing System is popularly known as IELTS. Most of the multinational companies use English as their primary language. And, the most of these companies require employees who have an impressive IELTS score. Similarly, a big number of universities require this score. Premier TEFL comes with a very impressive course regarding IELTS. It comprises of several modules. One of these modules will expose the basics of IELTS. The next modules will teach about listening. And, the next modules will deal with reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, and possible challenges respectively. Premier TEFL has added to total 30 learning hours to this course. Sometimes, learners may not understand a difficult thing. To make them understand, this course includes plenty of real-life classroom examples. Similarly, a big number of quizzes and videos are also added here.

Premier TEFL

Other Popular Courses

TOEIC is accepted and trusted by over 14 thousand organizations of over 150 different countries. This English language proficiency program comes with several tests to judge the participants. However, you can overcome all these courses very easily with the help of Premier TEFL. It comes with separate teaching modules for TOEIC listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Plenty of bridge tests are also added to this program. As a non-native English speaker, it is very important for you to know business English. Premier TEFL has a separate business English learning program. You will also be able to know how to communicate with people in English by completing this course.

TEFL Expert Course: There are various types of courses available on this platform. But, there is one Top Rated TEFL Course. This one is strongly recommended. It comes with several features and facilities. Ofqual regulated TQUK course is added here. This course includes 168 hours. At the same time, you will get 290 hours for various kinds of online training. These course hours are distributed for TEFL, TOEIC, TBE, TYL, and IELTS training programs. Sometimes, some organizations offer certificates that are not recognized worldwide. But, after completing this program, Premier TEFL will provide you widely acceptable certificate. There is no need to purchase any book to cover this program. You will get a downloadable book from here. A big number of participants need to complete these courses for getting a job. All kinds of job hunting advices will be provided by Premier TEFL.

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Separate Programs

The above course is a combination of various training programs. Premier TEFL also provides each of these programs separately. For example, you will be allowed to access its IELTS training program separately. This program is divided into several lessons, you just have to complete these lessons properly to be ready for an IELTS test. Before the original test, there will be several sample tests. With this course, you will an amazing Grammar eBook. At the same time, there will be a downloadable course book. Similarly, Premier TEFL offers separate courses for TOEIC, Business English, and Young Learners.

Paid Internships: As we have mentioned earlier that people needs to complete these courses for getting an internship or job. You will be able to access these internship opportunities on the website of Premier TEFL. Let’s see some of the opportunities that are available right now. There is an internship facility in China. It has a duration for only 5.5 months. You will get a salary of 5,000 RMB for this internship. Similarly, there is an internship opportunity in Spain. It includes a group size of more than 250 members. And, it has a duration of 9 months. You will get 315 EUR as salary. Similarly, this platform comes with lots of attractive internship facilities.

Premier TEFL Discount and Pricing

Any of the IELTS, TOEIC, and Business English courses can access by paying only USD 99.50 without any promo code. You just have to pick the right one as per necessity. But, our suggestion is to get an available package of this platform. One of its available plans charges only USD 349.50 as per this post creating time. It includes 108-hour TEFL course. This course is completely Ofqual regulated. For each of the IELTS, TOEIC, and Business English course, it includes 20 hours. At the same time, you will get a 30-hour program for Young Learners. Similarly, Premier TEFL has some other impressive packages.

Many of us want to get admitted into foreign universities. And, also a big number of people want to work in multinational companies. Generally, these companies and universities demand various requirements. One of these requirements is an English proficiency certificate. There is no need to go to any place physically to get a training regarding these programs. Premier TEFL is an online platform that provides a big number of training facilities.

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