PowerAdspy Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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PowerAdspy Discount

Facebook ads are very much effective nowadays. A big number of marketers use this facility to grab more customers and clients. Before starting a campaign, it is better to find out the strategies of these competitors. PowerAdspy is a specialized tool for this task.

Features and Review of PowerAdspy

It is possible to get so many leads from the Facebook ads. But, as there are so many competitors in any niche, you have to be smart to face the situation. PowerAdspy can help you very well. This spy software is capable of finding out some top performing ads in every niche. Then, it will bring some details about these ads. Then, you will be able to face these competitors more effectively and make your ads more profitable. Make your ads more profitable today by getting PA with our discount. Grab the PowerAdspy coupon by following the aforementioned PA image steps. Some major features of this software are:

Ad Segmenting Facility

Sometimes, it can be very important to segment the ads in terms of different positions. PowerAdspy helps to do so with ease. It is capable of analyzing the ads considering the news feed and side location. That is why, you will be able to know the best performing ads in any niche. Complete visibility is another important feature of this solution. It will let you analyze the live ad posts very efficiently. There is no need to analyze every ad in your niche. PowerAdspy has a search narrowing option. It helps to narrow down the ad search results depending on different keywords. You can also narrow it down in terms of domains and advertisers.


A Huge Database

Poweradspy depends on a big database. It has millions of ads from more than 15 different countries. That means, you will get access to a big number of latest successful ads from one place. Sometimes, it can be necessary to bookmark some ads. PowerAdspy has a bookmarking facility. Every advertisement may not have the same engagement rate. That is why it helps to find out the engagement details of every ad. Various kinds of CTA based sorting facilities are added to it also.

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Benefits of the Application

Poweradspy allows us to filter the Facebook ads by the position. It makes sure that people can find the campaigns they perform the best on Facebook. The software filters the campaigns on Facebook based on the performance of the site. As a result, the campaigns that are working on a niche can be repeated again and again. So that there is less guesswork involved and the productivity can be increased. It provides completely analytical details that can be utilized to find real-time details of the campaign. As a result, it will be easier to figure out when most of the audience engage with the site.

Poweradspy also provides different types of data from all the different ads of many countries. So that the data can be analyzed and figure out the proper way to run a campaign to the site. It helps a lot to figure out the trend in social media and the type of content that is working if you analyze many different types of data. It brings diverse data from 15 different countries with ease. The data can be tracked easily and figure out which elements are working country wise. If one marketing strategy works in one country the same marketing strategy doesn’t need to work in other countries as well.

Ads Spy tool

Narrow Down Searches

Poweradspy saves thousands of hours to go through thousands of data to find relevant results. It allows us to find the keyword-based on the niches as well. So users a simply filter the keyword-based on the niches that will work for you. It is even easier to filter out the data of the top-performing competitors and find out the keywords that are working online. It saves hours of research that would normally need to spend to find relevant data that can work.

PowerAdspy Coupon Code & Pricing

PowerAdspy comes with three different pricing plans. Its Basic Plan is available for only 49 USD per month without any promo code in 2021. It only has some basic features like keyword search, data interval search and bookmark creating. Some people may not be happy with these features. The Standard License is a suitable one for them. This one is available for only 99 USD per month as per this post creating time. It has the domain and advertiser search features. Some impressive features are also added to this one. The PowerAdspy Premium is even more interesting. You just have to pay 149 USD per month to grab this one. This one has a powerful tracking system. It is capable of filtering the ads in terms of different operating systems and devices.

Hence, please avail the ads intelligence platform with our coupon. For any more information on the PowerAdspy discount, please drop us an email.