PointRank Discount: Avail Coupon for the Video Ranking Tool

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Buy PointRank Elite or Lite version with our link above. Then claim PointRank discount as 25% cash back on your spent amount.

Please check the PR image below for details of this discount.

PointRank discount

There are different types of ways to promote a business with videos. Nowadays, short videos are commonly used. You can generate these contents with PointRank. This is a newbie friendly short video generating and ranking solution.

PointRank Review and Features

It is not easy to get a higher rank for a standard video. But, you can get that rank for short videos. There are only a few tools that can deal with these short contents efficiently. Our suggestion is to go for PointRank. This solution helps to generate and access a big number of short videos. And, then it will ensure a top page rank for every content. Enjoy the product to promote your business with our discount. Grab the PointRank coupon now.

Very Easy Steps

Though, PointRank is a very powerful software, it can be handled very easily. There are only four steps to handle this solution. First, you have to enter a keyword. The same video can be ranked with multiple keywords. This software will allow you to rank your own videos. Sometimes, a marketer may need to use videos that are already published. That is why, it has a video searching facility. After finding out suitable content, you have to customize that with own brands, links, and details. PointRank has an automated technology for submitting live events. So, you don’t have to worry about ranking a content. Every video will get a good rank automatically. And finally, this software will use its sticky technology. It will ensure a long-term ranking for every video. And, there will be a big flow of free traffic for every content.


No More Waiting

We may know about various video marketing tools. The most of these solutions work with long videos. But, this one works with short ones. One single content will be used for multiple contents. And, your content will get the desired rank in just minutes. That means, there is no need to wait for days or months anymore. You don’t have to create any kind of videos. This software has a built in video generator. It will provide necessary contents in a quick time. PointRank will not force you to run any kind of backlink generating campaign. Similarly, no keyword research is necessary to run any campaign.

PointRank Discount and Pricing

The Lite Edition of this software is suitable for working with only one YouTube account. It supports 4 automation events and 10 single events. As per this post creating time, you have to pay only $47 per month to access it without the discount. This one is for personal projects only. But sometimes, you may need to work with professional or commercial projects. In that case, the PointRank Elite is suitable. Its one-time fee is only $67. That means, there is no recurring fee with it. With this license, there are different kinds of bonuses. For example, you will get an image thumbnail editor with the PointRank Elite.

Therefore, to enjoy all the cool features please purchase the product with our coupon. If you have any query about PointRank discount, please contact with us.