Podia Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

Avail Podia coupon as 20% cash back on 1st invoice of any plan: Mover or Shaker.

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Podia coupon

You can earn a big profit by selling digital goods, online courses, webinars, membership sites, and other things. But, different types of tools and services are required for all these. Podia comes with each and every necessary element.

Review of Podia

Suppose, a person wants to sell some digital goods. He must host these items and there should be several sales pages. Different email marketing campaigns are required for promoting these things. Generally, people purchase these facilities separately. There is no need to do so that anymore. Podia comes with all these facilities. Similarly, this platform provides all types of facilities for selling online courses, webinars, and memberships, etc. Enjoy its top features and services with our offered coupon. Grab the Podia discount now.

Online Courses

One of the major features of Podia is its built-in course builder. You will get everything in Podia to create different types of online courses. Thousands of users have already created their online courses. For example, you can create a single course. In every content, there should be various types of texts, images, audios, and videos. Similarly, there should be lots of PDFs, quizzes, and other contents. Nowadays, Drip courses are very useful. In these cases, you have to offer various sections of a program one by one to the students. Sometimes, it can be necessary to offer a bundle of courses at a time. All these things can easily be created with Podia. There are lots of providers who want to offer a test course before offering the final one. They observe the response from customers. This platform is helpful in creating these amazing courses also.


Membership Sites

Nowadays, business owners often create membership sites. To access these sites, they offer various membership plans. Purchasers of different plans get access to different contents and services. Podia helps create these plans with ease. You will be able to create free and paid plans as per necessity. Then, it will help create public posts that will be accessible by all types of members. And, you can also create private posts that can be accessed by only members of specific plans. There will be a membership feed where all these posts will be shown. Sometimes, you may need to show a post on the top. In that case, Podia will allow to create pin posts. Similarly, this platform is capable of making schedule posts. That means, you can create all your posts in advance. Then, these posts will automatically be published accordingly.

Get these Podia features and benefits with our provided discount. Extra coupon is not needed for the online selling solution.

Digital Downloads

It is a fact that digital downloads can be sold to earn a big money. And sometimes, you may need to offer these free as lead magnets. No matter what the reason is, these are profitable. A big number of people use Podia to host their digital downloads. This platform offers each and everything that is necessary to host all kinds of digital downloads. For example, you must use a hosting facility for these things. Such a facility is available here. To sell any kind of digital downloads, it is very important to use sales pages and custom pages. These things are available here also. Nowadays, people love to participate in a live chat session before purchasing any product. Podia has a live chatting facility for offering this facility to customers. A secured payment policy is added here. In one word, you will get a complete sales funnel for all kinds of digital downloads from this platform.

Podia pricing

Email Marketing

Selling email list is an impressive way to earn a big profit. Podia helps sell these lists with ease. You will get all the facilities from here to do so. For example, it supports unlimited emails, subscribers, and digital goods. There is no need to find out these data from different places. All these things will be available on the same page. Podia is helpful in controlling all the customers or subscribers. That means, you will be able to control the earnings with ease. There is no need to log-in to multiple accounts to deal with all these customers.

Podia Coupon & Pricing

We have mentioned a few tools that are added to Podia. This platform provides more tools. You don’t have to purchase these tools separately. All these can be bought as a single package. There are two different pricing options. The Mover License is available for only USD 39 per month without the promo code in 2021. You will be able to save USD 78 by purchasing it for a year. It has each and every basic tool. But, the membership, blog, affiliate marketing, and offsite buy buttons are not available here. To grab all these additional facilities, you have to purchase the Shaker License. This one can be bought by paying only USD 79 per month. It is possible to save USD 158 by accepting its yearly billing facility. Podia provides a free trial license. This one is available for two weeks.

So, if the review has convinced you please purchase with our discount. We hope the Podia coupon will be very helpful.