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Playboost coupon

Video autoplay option can easily be stopped from by using different techniques. Hence, these contents are not that much effective. To ensure more views, we request to use Playboost.

Features and Review of Playboost

We know that the views of videos can be increased with the autoplay option. But, a potential viewer may deactivate the autoplay facility from his browser. Hence, you have to think about something new. It is possible to attract a viewer to click on a video and show him that content. You just have to add an attractive thumbnail on that. Playboost is an online solution that helps to add such thumbnails with ease. Enjoy the product cheaply with our coupon. Grab the Playboost discount now.

Customize Paused Videos

As autoplay does not work anymore, you have to add something amazing to your content. Playboost comes with that technology. It allows to customize paused videos. That means, it adds an overlay on any video. You will be able to add different images and animations to that overlay to attract more viewers. Whenever, a viewer will click on that overlay, the video will start playing. There is no need to find out these images and GIFs manually. This software has a built in library that has a search option. Just insert a keyword and get relevant images from there. Sometimes, it can be necessary to add some texts on a thumbnail. This task can easily be done too. Similarly, Playboost helps to add various emojis and play buttons on a video very easily.


Playboost Coupon and Pricing

Though the features of this software are very impressive, it is not a costly solution in any sense. Its unlimited license is available for only USD 47, as per this post creating time without the coupon. Each of your videos will increase the CTR, views, and sales. That is why, paying such a little amount for this software should not be a big issue. You will be able to work with unlimited videos with Playboost. This software can handle the videos created by using any software. But, you don’t have to install any software to use it. Just a web browser and an internet connection are enough to access and use it.

Very Easy Process

We have mentioned a few major features of Playboost. Along with all these powerful features, this solution comes with a very easy process. Anyone will be able to handle it without any major problems. First of all, you have to insert the targeted URL of a video. This solution supports various popular platforms. Some of these platforms are YouTube, Vimeo, and Vidello, etc. After that, an eye-catching thumbnail will be created with ease. This thumbnail will attract more views to ensure more views. Playboost will give a line of code. You just have to copy and paste this line of code. Then, just sit back and watch the videos getting more views.

Hence, please purchase the product with our discount and enjoy more views on your videos. Hopefully the Playboost coupon will be very helpful.