PixelYourSite Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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One single WordPress plugin is capable of tracking everything on a website. The name of that plugin is PixelYourSite. This plugin is helpful for implementing Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and other tools very efficiently.

PixelYourSite Review

Marketers often run various campaigns using Facebook Ads. These campaigns drive a big traffic to their websites. It is very important to track these visitors and their conversions. Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps track each visitor that come through Facebook Ads. Similarly, Google Analytics is another platform for tracking everything on a website. Sometimes, people cannot utilize these analytics tools well. PixelYourSite is a WordPress plugin that helps utilizing all these tools. If you are happy with the review please purchase with our coupon. Grab the PixelYourSite discount now.

Track FB Ads

This plugin comes with a very easy technique to implement Facebook Pixel to track every FB ad with ease. No coding is necessary to deal with this task. You will be able to add Facebook Pixel with just a single click. There is no need to track performances manually. This plugin is able to do with automatic events. Sometimes, marketers may need to track only specific actions of visitors. PixelYourSite is capable of doing so. For example, it is possible to track a specific search term that is used by visitors. You can also find out the number of downloads of a specific file. Similarly, the number of form submission, clicks, video views, and other actions can easily be tracked by using this plugin. PixelYourSite helps add different e-commerce specific events. That means, it is compatible with WooCommerce and EDD.

Pixelyoursite tracks the action of people and retargets. Users can add Facebook and YouTube videos with the ads. Whenever people click on the ads, the actions are recorded.


Google Analytics Tracking

Another very important feature of this tool is its Google Analytics tracking functionality. You will be able to track every action on the targeted WordPress site. For example, the number of form submits, clicks, page views, signups, and comments can easily be detected by it. This tool also helps configure different events so that these events get triggered for specific actions. For example, it can fire specific events on page visits. Similarly, these events can get triggered for clicks, scroll, and mouse movements. PixelYourSite is a suitable tool for implementing Google Ads tags. After implementing, it can easily track the conversions of these elements.

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Highlights of the Application

PixelYourSite provides many other features as well that can be equally effective for the business. It also provides google analytics so that people can understand where they are earning the most in online. Besides, tracking google analytics helps to figure out the demographic of the targeted audience and convert them into long term customers by targeting them with simple steps and ease. It also can track down Facebook pixel that helps to find the data from Facebook campaigns with ease. All the tracking of the Facebook pixel, google AdWords, and google analytics can be tracked from one place and one single software without any issues. This tool comes with WooCommerce integration as well.

Pixelyoursite allows us to track down the action, including the clicks, AdWords, videos, and all other actions. It helps to understand what type of advertisement reaching to the customers and what kind of advertisements the customers are interested in. The product catalog also can be customized according to the plan the users want. The woo-commerce product catalog can be automatically updated and the new product will be added. It provides marketing strategies as well that can help to optimize the business in the long run of the business.

WordPress Plugin

Add Products

PixelYourSite educates people on how users can add products when customers visit the site. It also shows the hack to people on how they can design the Facebook shop from just the catalog. It will make the work of people easier and smoother in the long run. PixelYourSite shows how to set up Facebook dynamics while adding Facebook ads. So that users are well informed about the algorithm of Facebook and they can customize the campaign according to it. It also provides tips on how users can create Facebook pixel videos from the scratch. So that there is a lot of information before finally jumping into creating the content.

PixelYourSite Coupon and Pricing

Each of the three licenses of PixelYourSite is affordable. If a user wants to use it on only 1 site, then the price will be only USD 150. But, most of the users purchase it for using on multiple websites. For using this plugin on 10 sites, you have to purchase the Advanced Plan by paying only USD 189 without the promo code in 2021. Similarly, the Agency License can be bought by spending only USD 500. All these licenses have a one-year validity. And, you will get a 40% return for every renewal. PixelYourSite has an impressive refund policy. So, you can purchase its license without any tension.

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