PixelMe Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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Get nice 20% cash back for Starter, Pro or Business license, providing as PixelMe discount. Please check the PM image for coupon.

PixelMe Discount

Every online marketing campaign needs various promotional steps. You need to share some links over the internet. These links become more effective when you shorten these. There are some top quality link shortener tools. PixelMe is one of these tools.

A Quick Review of the PixelMe

A marketer runs various marketing campaigns. Every successful campaign is a result of a huge effort. Alongside your efforts, you have to take some smart decisions. For example, it is possible to share every link. A shortened link can grab more attention in a quick time. These links are capable of improving the performance of any ad campaign. You cannot generate these links without taking help of a suitable tool. PixelMe is a top quality tool in doing this specific task. This tool can add some retargeting campaigns in any shareable link. That is why, every online promotional campaign become a more effective one. Avail the magnificent PM features with our discount. The PixelMe coupon will be helpful.

Automating Link Shortening

There are some other link shortening tools. The most of these tools can shorten a link very easily. But, only a few of them can add some retargeting pixels automatically. PixelMe does that with ease. Every marketer sets a common target. They want to get as many customers as possible. If there are more clicks on a link, there is a bigger chance to get more customers. You don’t have to purchase any additional tracking tool. PixelMe has a built in tool to track every link. Sometimes, there can be some reasons why your project may not successful. This tool will help you to find out these reasons.


Very Easy Dashboard

Despite all the top features, this software has a very easy dashboard. This dashboard will allow you to import a big number of links at a time. You just have to run a copy-paste operation to do so. Sometimes, there can be some dead links. Whenever a dead link is clicked, normally a visitor sees a conventional 404 error message. PixelMe will allow you to set a customized page. This page will be shown when a visitor clinks a dead link.

The PixelMe features can be availed with our coupon here. Extra discount is not needed for the PixelMe program.

Measure Success

It is important to measure the success of any links after promoting it. It is one of the ways to check whether the links are good enough to promote. PixelMe provides a dashboard that helps the users to check the performance of the links very easily from one central place. These stats will help users learn the types of content the targeted customer markets prefer. As a result, future users can adjust the types of content they want to promote using the links. It also shows the user’s direction on which marketing platform that users should spend time on.

PixelMe can shorten any URL of social media websites including Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube. Shortened URL backlinks are easier to promote everywhere and it is very easy to use. Users can embed shorten the link of any 3rd party site. It is also easy to share the link to all over the market places within a few clicks. As a result, users do not need to create multiple links as the links created by this application are already sharable. Users can even brand the links with the name of their brands before promoting. There will be no issue of shortening the link and branding will not loose while continuing this process.

URL Shortener Tool

Chrome Extension PixelMe

PixelMe looks more professional when users are promoting these links, they are boosting the name of their brand with ease. Even if anyone wants to repost the link users are promoting, the brand name of the link will be very visible as well. Users can retarget links with the ads by making a little extra effort. Users can add the links of amazon products and retarget the clients with the ads. It will help users to earn money for doing affiliate marketing as well. Any ads targeting pixels can be easily added to the link on amazon.

PixelMe Discount and Pricing

You have to select the number of retargeting pixels ID before purchasing PixelMe. If the number is only 3, then the Starter License of this solution is suitable. It is available for 24 USD per month, excluding the mentioned discount, in a annual billing system in 2021. This is capable of dealing with maximum 5 thousand clinks in a month. The Pro License can be bought by paying $65 per month as per this post creating time. It supports 5 retargeting pixels IDs, and 20 thousand monthly clicks. PixelMe Business License is available for only $124/month. It can deal with 10 retargeting pixel IDs. At the same time, it can track up to 150 thousand monthly clicks. It is suitable solution for a team.

So, please take advantage of the URL shortener design for savvy marketers with our coupon. We hope, you will enjoy the PixelMe discount.