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Picreel Discount

Review of Picreel

Converting visitors and audiences into active customers is not something everybody can do efficiently. Tons of efforts are required to persuade audiences to become a member and raise the number of sales. And if user’s services don’t live up to audience’s expectation, their competitors are bound to grab the traffic. Therefore, to accelerate the conversion process by using survey systems and advance modern tools¸ Picreel is available. Picreel delivers visitor-activity tracking application, data collection system through questionnaire, and various other methods to guarantee customer conversion. Avail the cool conversion rate optimization product with our discount. Hopefully, you will love the Picreel coupon. There’re even more characteristics of this software that are yet to be discussed and are presented in the following sections:

Reel- Overlay, Survey

Not everyone who visits the users’ page is going to look for sign up option, hence Picreel introduces ReelOverlay. With this function, users’ page will automatically display a sign up or membership form for the visitors to fill in. These forms will also display latest offers and discounts, therefore, audiences who were mildly interested won’t hesitate to sign up. It’s always a good idea to know in advance what customers are actually demanding, thus, ReelSurvey helps with getting insights. The surveys can be edited to acquire feedback information through which users can use these information to provide better services. These direct information exchanges will allow users to gain significant advantage in the online market.


Mouse Tracker, Personalization, Analytics

Once a visitor lands on users’ pages, their mouse movements will get tracked. Therefore, depending on where the visitors’ mouse is moving the software can be used to perform specific actions. Most notably, there will be times when viewers might miss an offer, and have decided to close the page. Just when viewers will move their mouse near the exit button, Picreel will pop-up another exciting offer. Also to make these offers more refreshing, users can personalize it with the software’s editor. To know which campaigns’ performance is affecting users the most, analytics are provided to make better and smart decisions.

Picreel Discount and Price Plans

Picreel have two options for billing users, and these are monthly billed and yearly billed. And both of these billing system has four plans which provide services based on what the users prefer. Picreel’s Monthly Billed option’s Starter, and Basic is $19, and $69, while Plus, and Pro is $149, and $399 excluding the discount. Starter and Basic plans in Yearly Billed option is $14 and $52, while Pro is $299 and Plus is $122.

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