PhraseExpress Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Buy any PhraseExpress license with our following links and get 15% cash back on your spent amount. The cash back is providing as PhraseExpress discount.

Standard License – 1 year maintenance

Standard License – 3 years maintenance

Standard License – 5 years maintenance

Pro License – 1 year maintenance

Pro License – 3 years maintenance

Pro License – 5 years maintenance

Enterprise License – 1 year maintenance

Enterprise License – 3 years maintenance

Enterprise License – 5 years maintenance

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PhraseExpress discount

There is no need to type the same phrase over and over again. PhraseExpress is an impressive text expander that will complete phrases for you. It actually works on the basis on text templates. These text templates can be placed in any program to complete your task.

Review of PhraseExpress

Nowadays, almost all types of professionals need to create reports, reviews, emails, and other text contents. While doing so, they type the same text over and over again. That means, a big time is wasted while typing the same thing. To solve this problem, a text expander software can be used. This kind of software is able to complete a phrase depending on the user’s activity. That means, whenever you will start typing something, this tool will suggest the entire phrase. So, there is no need to type that phrase manually. Among various text expanders, PhraseExpress is a very effective one. This software has tons of important features. Get the text expander and autotext software with our discount. Grab the PhraseExpress coupon now. Some of these features are:

Universal Solution

PhraseExpress is not a tool for a specific application. Rather, this software can work with different types of platforms. For example, it can operate on any text editor. People usually visit various websites and social network where they type different things. This solution is able to work with any browser. That means, it will work on any website and social platform. After purchasing it, there is no need to purchase another auto completion tool for database applications. PhraseExpress is helpful in organizing text snippets in various categories. Each of these categories can be accessed instantly. That is why, it works very fast. As this software is a versatile one, you can use it for managing help desks, call centers, and customer cares, etc. Another important thing is, you will be able to use it on Windows, MacOS, and iOS devices without any problem.


Team Sharing

PhraseExpress is very effective if you use it in a team. Sometimes, we work in a team where members are connected through a server. In such cases, you may need to share different phrases with team members. This software will let you share phrases with ease. While doing so, it works with various client/server architectures. Another important thing is, this software will allow to use Microsoft SQL Server to host phrase libraries. Similarly, it supports cloud synchronization that helps more effective phrase sharing. PhraseExpress is also suitable for protecting privacy. You don’t have to share all your phrases to the team members. Rather, it will let you select a few items for personal uses. Only the selected phrases will be shared. You will get a centralized client management console. So, managing a big number of clients will not a tough task.

These PhraseExpress features and benefit can be availed with our coupon. Extra discount is not needed for the boilerplate template manager.

Multiple Languages

Computer users usually see text completion tools for English language only. PhraseExpress is an advanced text expander and completion software that supports various languages. Some of these languages are English, Dutch, and French. Users can organize phrases in different languages in different folders. Another important thing is, you don’t have to translate the same phrase manually in different folders. This software has an automatic translation facility. You just have to store necessary phrases in one language in a folder. Then, this software will automatically translate all these phrases into the targeted language. And then, the translated phrases will be stored in a separate folder. After saving these items once, PhraseExpress allows to switch between folders and languages with a single click.

Boilerplate template manager

Macro Automation

One of the biggest advantages of PhraseExpress is its macro automation facility. This software can be integrated with Macro Recorder. The Macro Recorder will record repetitive tasks. Then, with a specific button combination, a repetitive task will be done automatically. That means, your works will be completed in a quicker time. Similarly, PhraseExpress is compatible with Document Generator. Lawyers often need to create different custom contracts very quickly. In such cases, this software will be helpful. Technical writers can complete common parts of a documentation process very quickly by using it. Similarly, other professionals can use this kind of text expander for completing their documentations.

PhraseExpress Discount & Pricing

Though the features of PhraseExpress are quite impressive, its price is not so high. You just have to pick a suitable license. It’s Standard Edition is available for only $49.95, with one year maintenance facility without any promo code in 2021. There is a volume rebate facility with every license. For example, if you get 5 to 24 units of the Standard Edition, then its unit cost will become only $47.95. The Professional License is available for only USD 139.95. This license provides several additional features. For example, it is capable of automatically collecting copied items that are stored in the clipboard. PhraseExpress Enterprise License can be purchased by spending only USD 219. This one provides even more features. For example, you will be able to switch between different language versions of a SQL phrase.

Hence, please get the text expander and autotext software with our coupon. We hope the PhraseExpress discount will be helpful for you.