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Among various online marketing methods, referral marketing is an effective one. Successful marketers use this method very often. But, a big number of people don’t even know about it. PerkZilla is a suitable platform for running referral marketing campaigns.

Features and Review of PerkZilla

Instead of running behind conventional online marketing techniques only, it is better to try something new. Professional marketers always apply multiple methods at a time. For example, they try to grab more leads in conventional ways. At the same time, they allow the existing audience to refer their campaigns to others. And, every referral gets a specific prize. This is called the referral marketing. Only a few platforms are there that are suitable for this way of marketing. PerkZilla is one of these platforms. It is an affordable and reliable platform. This solution comes with several important features. If you are happy with the review please purchase the product with our coupon. Grab the PerkZilla discount now.


Creates Impressive Contests

Everybody wants to get prizes. Visitors like to see some prizes and offers on websites. You can use this mentality to earn a big profit. PerkZilla will help doing so. It will let you offer various gifts to the visitors for a condition. The condition is they have to share your site address or products to their friends. By this manner, you will be able to get a big sale in a quick time. Similarly, this platform is suitable for giveaways. These campaigns involve more people very quickly. Multiple winners can be selected among the participants. Winners will get a big prize. At the same time, every entrant will give at least a small prize. These campaigns are suitable for websites of large businesses. PerkZilla has a built in program to find out the winners. So, you don’t have to depend on other tools for this task.

Automatic Rewarding Feature

We have already mentioned that PerkZilla is helpful for utilizing current customers to get new. But, you don’t have to give rewards to these participants manually. Referral links will be created by this platform automatically. These links are useful for tracking the referrals very easily. Similarly, referrals made by every user can be tracked too. And, depending on their performances, it will deliver suitable rewards automatically. PerkZilla is able to deal with various offerings to users. For example, you can gift various coupons to every users who share your brands. Similarly, it is possible to offer trials to every new follower without the need of a discount coupon.

PerkZilla review

Get More Traffic

Marketers often need more traffic to their landing pages. They follow various techniques for this task. But, only a few of them use the pointing system to get more traffic. PerkZilla will help you utilize this impressive technique. It will offer a point per action technique to the users. Whenever, a visitor will click on a landing page, he will get a point. And, more points will ensure a bigger prize. Similarly, you may need to get more likes or comments to a post. Another points per action facility can be offered for it. PerkZilla will count each action of a user on that post and offer suitable points. In this manner, your posts and landing pages will get a bigger audience in a quick time. This formula is very effective for growing the social media audience.

Very Easy Technique

We have mentioned basic features of PerkZilla. As these features are very powerful, people may think that it is very tough to handle. But, this assumption is not correct at all. A user will be able to handle this platform for every project by completing a few easy techniques. To start a campaign, you just have to click only a few times. It will drive through an easy technique to create a campaign. Then, just paste a code on the targeted website. By this manner, it is possible to add suitable landing pages, widgets, and signup forms, etc. After that, PerkZilla will start collecting more leads. And, your audience will be grown virally. Only five minutes will be needed to start this audience collection process.

PerkZilla Coupon and Pricing

Along with its basic features, PerkZilla comes with some additional facilities. For example, it has a built-in fraud detection tool. Sometimes, some users may cheat to get more incentives. The fraud center of this platform will detect every cheating attempt very easily. It will also save a risk score for every fraudulent activity. So, you will get the authentic leads only. A built-in automation center is another great feature of this solution. It will help triggering every campaign with ease. People may be ready to get this solution for a big price. But, PerkZilla is not a costly solution at all compared with its amazing features. You just have to pay USD 398 per year to access it without the coupon. Every license includes a few bonuses. These bonuses will ensure more opening rates, more opt-ins, and more sales.

Therefore, get the referral marketing platform with our discount. Hopefully, the PerkZilla coupon will make you happy.