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Perfmatters Coupon

Generating a WordPress site is not the only important thing. You have to maintain its performance. A single plugin is capable of doing so. The name of this powerful plugin is Perfmatters. It can ensure the top performance of a WordPress site in many ways.

Perfmatters Review and Features

We usually use various plugins and tools to ensure a better performance of our WordPress websites. Sometimes, a WordPress user uses multiple plugins to perform the same operation. That is why, he has to spend a lot. This problem can easily be solved by Perfmatters. This single plugin is capable of performing several operations. For each of these operations, it has a separate tool. It has no problem to work with other plugins and themes. That is why, it is suitable for working with all kinds of WordPress sites. If the Perfmatters review got you impressed, then please proceed for the purchase with our discount coupon. The Perfmatters discount will be really helpful.

Eliminates the Emojis

Using or adding lots of emojis to a webpage is not mandatory. No matter you use these items or not, these will be loaded with every page of a site. Though these contents will not be seen, these will make the pages slower. That is why, it is very important to disable these emojis. Perfmatters is capable of doing so. It shows an easy way to disable these built-in emojis. Instead, it suggests to use EmojiOne, which is another plugin. This emoji pack will not make your pages slower. Another important thing is to eliminate the query strings. These strings causes several problems while dealing with CDNs and proxy servers. Perfmatters are capable of removing these query strings very safely. That means, its operations will not harm your site.


Restrict Hackers

Sometimes, we use a simple piece of data, which seems harmless, that is very useful for the hackers. They can utilize this simple piece of data to hack your entire website. For example, every WordPress page shows the WP version number. We never remove it. This number actually not necessary to any page or page content. But, it helps hackers to hack a site. Perfmatters will remove the WordPress version number very safely. This operation is important for another reason. WordPress uses its version number in lots of lines of its page coding. Every single line actually makes a page heavier. For this reason, it is better to remove as many contents as possible from the coding. So, removing the version number does a great trick.

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Disable Embeds

Every WordPress site uses various embeds. These are very helpful if a site requires converting various YouTube videos and Tweets. But, all types of websites do not require this feature. For this reason, you can easily disable this option by using Perfmatters. There is no need to complete any difficult step to make it happen. This plugin provides a simple option named “Disable Embed”. By clicking on this option once, you can easily disable it. After that, a site will perform better. Similarly, every WordPress site has an option to shortlink every page and post. A few WordPress site owners love to use this facility. If you do not want to keep it, then Perfmatters will help to remove this option with ease. All, you need is to provide a single ‘click’. Shortlink HTTP headers will also be removed by it.

Perfmatters review

Powerful Script Manager

Along with the basic features, Perfmatters provides some additional facilities. A built-in Script Manager is one of these additional facilities. Sometimes, you may need to disable the scripts on only a few pages or posts. In those cases, Script Manger is very useful. A contact form plugin automatically loads itself on every WordPress page or post. Script Manager will allow to disable this plugin very easily. Similarly, this tool of Script Manager is able to disable the social media sharing option for the selected posts. Otherwise, any visitor will be able to share any post on their social networks. That means, the plugin is capable of maintaining the privacy of your posts.

Perfmatters Coupon and Pricing

We have mentioned a few important features of Perfmatters. Actually, this plugin has many other features. So many WordPress site owners face the slow speed and low performance problems. That is why, many of them are ready to pay a big amount for buying a useful tool like Perfmatters. But amazingly, this one is offered for an affordable price. It comes with three different licenses. Its Personal License is for only one website. You just have to pay 19.95 USD per year excluding the coupon to use this one. It includes the free update and support facilities. The Business License supports 3 different websites. Only 49.95 USD per year should be paid for it. Similarly, Perfmatters Unlimited Site License comes for only 99.95 USD per year as per 25 January 2019. All these licenses have a one-month money back guarantee.

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