Pepipost Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes October 2021

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Pepipost coupon

When you will run an emailing campaign, there should be several things to consider. Lots of issues may affect that campaign. An email API or an SMTP Relay may solve these issues with ease. Pepipost comes with both these facilities.

Features and Review of Pepipost

Sometimes, we send bulk email to thousands of recipients. But, we cannot get their responses. Sometimes, they do not even open our messages. One of these reasons is they do not get our mails. These mails either do not reach them or get stored in their spam folder. To solve these problems, a reliable email API or an SMTP relay should be used. A few solutions provide these things. Pepipost is one of these solutions. If you like the DT review, then please proceed for the purchasing by using our coupon. The Pepipost discount will be really helpful.

Faster Email Delivery

Sending or broadcasting emails can be done with a protocol. The name of this protocol is SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Pepipost has powerful SMTP servers that are able to ensure a faster email delivery. Almost every emailing platform supports SMTP. For this reason, you don’t have to rely on any additional library. You just have to copy the access credential and paste that to a required place. And then, it will start working with a great speed. Sending emails is not the only important task that can be done by Pepipost. It also helps to track every email with ease. Its SMTP servers are located on lots of big countries of various countries. Some of these towns are New York, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Singapore. That is why, this solution performs better than ordinary solutions.


A Better Control

Pepipost has various code libraries. These libraries are for almost every popular programming languages. That is why, its APIs are very much useful for integrations. There is no need to make a major change in its configuration. Each of these libraries can easily be accessed from GIT. And then, a few changes may need to be done to go live. Minimizing the payload size is another important task. Template APIs of Pepipost helps to do so. It comes with several template APIs. These are ready to be used. You just have to pass any one of these. Then, it can be reused over and over again. Only the template ID should be used for this task. Real time tracking is another nice feature of this solution. It is able to track every delivered, bounced, and opened email very efficiently.

These Pepipost features can be availed exclusively with our discount. The coupon is not needed for this email delivery solution.

Artificial Intelligence

There are different kind of email delivery systems. But, all these solution does not come with an artificial intelligence. Pepipost has this important feature. Actually, this feature is powered by a set of efficient systems and tools. For example, it has an advanced resource allocation system. You will be able to create a pipe by using it. The main objective of this pipe is to use resources efficiently. Suppose, a domain contains a big number of invalid users. Your pipe will slow down the mail delivery speed to that domain. Then, it will try to find out the actual problems and quality of mailing.

Similarly, Pepipost has a delivery optimization system. This system will automatically split a large campaign into several little campaigns. And, different units of it will handle different little campaigns. That is why, your campaign will be completed quickly and efficiently. A dynamic warm-up system and a domain quality prediction systems are also offered by Pepipost.

Advanced Data Security

While using this solution, there is no need to think about data security. Data security is one of the top priorities of Pepipost. Each data center of this service is powered by SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II. We know that every geographical area may be suitable for a separate security system. That is why, these data centers are geographically secured. It has an application security system too. There is no need to think about creating reports either. Pepipost comes with a real-time reporting facility. It will let you access last 90 day’s transaction logs.

Pepipost Coupon and Pricing Plan

Depending on the number of emails in a month, cost of Pepipost is different. It actually has several plans. For this reason, all kinds of customers should be happy with its pricing. A newbie may need to work with 100 thousand emails in a month. In this case, this solution will charge only $15 per month excluding the coupon. A user of this plan should pay $0.60 for additional 1 thousand emails. If your target is 300 thousand monthly mails, then the price of this solution will be only 65 USD per month. Similarly, you can get it for 500 thousand emails per month. In this case, only $145 should be paid. Sometimes, a user may need to work with more than 2 million mails per month. The Pepipost team will inform him the cost for that.

Hence, please get the email delivery cheaply with our discount for Email Delivery Service. Hopefully, the Pepipost coupon in 2021 will be enjoyed by you.