PDF2DTP of Markzware Review, Convert PDF to InDesign

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If you are a professional graphic designer then you must need some software and data conversion tools. There are very few companies which provide data conversion tools for the graphic designers. The Markzware is one of those companies which provide various types of data conversion tools and extensions. This company provides the PDF2DTP tool which has so many built in programs to convert the data files in PDF format into perfect QuarkXpress or InDesign data files.


Review of the PDF2DTP

Creating and providing unique types of products is the main target of all the software companies. You will find various companies which actually provide security tools, multimedia tools or PC optimizer tools. But Markzware is completely different type of company. This company actually provides a different type of data converter tools and tools. One of the products of this brand is the PDF2DTP which has the ability to convert the PDF documents into QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign document very easily.

Why to Use

In most of the cases, it is seen that the clients provide the PDF files for the graphic designs, though the editing is more comfortable with the InDesign format. So if you are a professional graphic designer then you must use such tool like the PDF2DTp which will make the InDesign files from the PDF documents. So you don’t have to retype the data from the PDF files any more. More amazing features of this product of Markzware is it can manage very easily. Even you will face any problem while using this product if you had never used this type of tools at past.

You can handle this tool very easily. If you want to know about the using process of this tool then you can watch the videos on PDF2DTP to the YouTube because will not be allowed to use any demo version of this product of Markzware. Another important thing is you can contact with the customer service manager when you will face any problem about this tool.

Main Features of This Product

It can convert the PDF files with all the contents of those perfectly. Sometimes this tool cannot maintain the proper color after conversion. That means, it cannot make the color contents of any PDF file suitable for QuarkXpress and InDesing environment. This is one of the limitations of this Markzware product. Amazing thing is, the PDF2DTP tool can work with any version of the Mac and Windows operating system.

We all know that there are so many software and programs which cannot be used on both Mac and Windows devices. But this software can be worked with both those types of devices. Not only that but also this Markzware product is suitable for all the versions of Windows and Mac OS. This Tool is so much easy to use and that is why you will face no major problem while using this tool. If you are a professional graphic designer, then this software can be very useful to you.

PDF2DTP review

Main Advantages and Limitations of This Tool

This PDF converter can convert the PDF document files into both the QuarkXpress and InDesign documents and export all the data of the PDF files to the converted documents. The efficiency level of this tool is also very high. Most attractive features of PDF2DTP are its ease of use. You just have to import the desired PDF file and then with just one mouse click you will be able to convert that file. We know many software and tools can be downloaded as a demo version before purchasing the original version. But PDF2DTP of Markzware has no demo version. If it is necessary to watch the process of using this tool, then tutorial videos can be found to the YouTube.

Though this data conversion tool is very efficient, it has some limitations too. For example, it cannot convert the threaded text boxes perfectly. Sometime it cannot convert the colours into InDesign or QuarkXpress mode.