PCUnlocker Professional Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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PCUnlocker Professional discount

Computer users often use different types of passwords to lock their computers. But sometimes, they forget their passwords. To solve such issues, PCUnlocker Professional is an impressive solution. This software is capable of unlocking any PC with ease.

PCUnlocker Professional Review

There can be several reasons when a computer unlocking software is necessary. For example, you may forget your Windows password. Administrator password can also be lost or expired. Sometimes, computer users may need to login to their computers with unknown passwords. Domain admin passwords may also need to reset. In all these cases, a strong unlocking or password recovery software is necessary. There are several tools that can help you solve these problems. PCUnlocker Professional is one of these solutions. This software is strongly recommended for its affordable price and impressive features. Get the PC unlocking software using the discount. Grab the PCUnlocker Professional coupon now. Some of these features are:

High Recovery Rate

You may have heard about lots of other tools that can recover computer passwords. But, the most of these tools do show a top recovery rate. Compared to these tools, PCUnlocker Professional is more accurate. It shows 100% recovery rate. There are can be multiple users of a single computer. This software is able to reset administrator password. At the same time, it can be used for resetting the passwords of other accounts. Similarly, there can be different active directory accounts on your computer. The passwords of these accounts can be reset with the help of PCUnlocker Professional. We know that, the Windows AD Server may contain multiple domain administrator passwords. This software is helpful in changing or resetting these passwords.

PCUnlocker Professional

Promoting User Accounts

After purchasing PCUnlocker Professional, there is no need to use another tool for promoting any user account to administrator. This software is able to do so with ease. There can be several reasons why a Windows account get disabled. Similarly, there are various reasons for which these accounts get locked out. NO matter what the cause is, you have to unlock these Windows accounts. This software is able to do that in a little time. Even, it is able to unlock Windows user accounts which are already expired. There are a few rare problems while using a Windows user account. For example, you may be asked for logging in with a smart card. PCUnlocker Professional is able to solve this problem. It will disable the option where Windows will ask for a smart card. No technical knowledge is necessary to complete this task.

The features of PCUnlocker Professional can be enjoyed using the coupon here. Extra discount not needed for the PC unlocking software.

Intuitive Interface

PCUnlocker Professional has lots of powerful features. But, that does not mean you have to be a tech expert for to access and use these features. The intuitive user interface of this software is very helpful in accessing all the available features. Even a new user will face no problem to use its dashboard. Another very important thing for any password recovery or reset software is its security. PCUnlocker Professional can be considered as a fully secured software. After installing it, there is no need to reinstall Windows. That means, there will be no risk in losing any important data. There is no problem if you do not have any Windows account. Just use a bootable media to reset the passwords.

PC unlocking software

Overwriting Old Password

Though there are lots of tools that can recover or reset old passwords, only a few tools are capable of overwriting passwords. PCUnlocker Professional is one of these tools. You can use to bypass old Windows user password. That means, you can access your computer without inserting the password. It supports different media for resetting passwords. For example, it uses USB flash drives, CDs, and DVDs, for resetting passwords. But, in that case, these media should be bootable. PCUnlocker Professional has a wide compatibility feature. That means, it supports all the available versions of Windows operating system. And, it also supports different file systems. Some of these file systems are FAT32, NTFS, and NSFS5, etc. This software supports various types of hard drives also. Some of these hard drives are SATA, SCSI, and RAID. It can work with various kinds of virtual drives.

PCUnlocker Professional Discount & Pricing

We have mentioned the major features of PCUnlocker Professional. By considering these features, you may have assumed a big price. But, this one is not a costly product at all. Only USD 29.95 should be paid to access a license of it without any promo code in 2021. There are some other edition of the same product. The Standard License is available with a smaller price. You have to pay only $19.95 to access this one. There is another license, which is even more powerful than PCUnlocker Professional. The name of that plan is the Enterprise License. It is available for only USD 49.95. It has some additional features. For example, this software is helpful in resetting the administrative passwords of Windows Server. Similarly, it can work with computers that have UEFI secure boot.

Therefore, please grab the software with our offered coupon here. The PCUnlocker Professional discount will be amazing for you to unlocking PC.