PayMember Coupon: Cool Discount on PayPal Integration Tool

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Buy any license and grab 25% cash back as PayMember coupon. Kindly check below PM image for the cashback coupon.

The offer is applicable for any plan including 50 campaign and unlimited campaign license.

PayMember Coupon

Contents are the heart of any social media site. It is also a driving force to keep a website engaged and most happening in the eyes of the customers. Therefore, content plays a very important role in online business. PayMember will help the users to ensure that the correct use of content.

Content Protection and Review of PayMember

PayMember will actively protect the content of the users from any hacking or stealing. Users can rely on this application for the better content protection of the business. It provides the most convincing result for protecting content from harm. This program is easy to use, which ensures that people with any range of experience will not find substantial difficulty to use the content of this application.  The application easily integrates with the account of PayPal account of the users. One of the most used content that creates the most engagement is the video content of a site, therefore users need to protect their video content. This program enables the protection for not only video content, but also for article. Files and any content from the galleries. The content can be as simple content as a meme. Avail the fantastic PM features with our discount coupon. Grab the PayMember discount today.

Verified PayPal Customers

PayMember lets only those customers to access to the website of the users that are verified. That can be ensured by just allowing PayPal account holders to enter into the site. As a result, users will have information about who is checking the content of the website. It will also make users able to filter out the spam accounts or fake accounts. It will reduce the threat of content theft from the user’s account. Also it provides the automated email notification to keep the users alert. If anything suspicious is noticed regarding securities, users will be directly informed and users can take the step they want.


PDF Content Security

For those who sell online PDF article or books, they need to have the maximum protection. It is because if the content is accessible, users will not be able to charge people for accessing the content. With the help of this application, users can sell their contents, as only who makes the payment by PayPal account will be given access. To add paid content to the site, users will not need to wait for a long time. Users will be able to add the content in a very short amount of time by PayMember.

PayMember Pricing and Coupon

PayMember has 50 campaigns package and as well unlimited campaign package. The 50 campaign package is priced at only 14 dollars excluding the coupon. The unlimited campaign is priced at a little bit expensive price than other package. It is priced at only 17 dollars. Both of these packages comes with full 100% money-back guarantee. Users may get paid in short time if it does not work.

So, please have the Paypal integration product with our discount. We believe, you will love the PayMember coupon.