PartitionGuru of Eassos Review, Data Recovery, Partition Management

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There is some software company which only provides the necessary and efficient software. The Eassos Software Company is one of those. Not many products are offered by this company, but each of those can be recommended to the PC users. Among those tools, the PartitionGuru Pro is one of the most popular tools. Due to so many important features and reasonable pricing, it has achieved that popularity. Just like the other products, Eassos has made this completely user friendly. Some of the main features of this solution have been highlighted in this post.


Professional Edition of Eassos PartitionGuru

In case of disk management activity and the data recovery process, PartitionGuru is an active solution. Sometimes, we may lose the essential data due to the process of the disk management system. In that time, we can rely on this solution to get back the corresponding data that have been deleted. To manage the proper partitioning process with the backup process, PartitionGuru issues all the supportive activities.

Reliable Partition Manager

Various functions of this product have will let you manage the partitions with ease. You can easily create new partitions and resize the existing disks with ease. We can hide the entire disk with the help of Eassos PartitionGuru. Conversion of the dynamic disk into basic one can be done with the help of this tool. Sometimes while splitting the disks, several data may loss. But this software will never loss any data while doing that operation. Anytime, PartitionGuru Pro of Eassos Brand can delete any of the partitions.

Impressive Partition Backup

This product not only is a partition manager but also is an amazing recovery solution. This solution can back up the entire disk or partition. In case of some tools we will see that the backup procedure is very complicated. Several difficult steps should be followed for that process. But in case of the Eassos PartitionGuru, you don’t have to go through those difficult steps at all. We can use it to create image files from the partitions.

Similarly, by the inverse process, the partitions can be restored very easily from the image files. The cloning feature of this product will impress you a lot. Sometimes, we will need one partition to create another one. This product will let you do that. Similarly, the computer hard drive can be cloned into another hard drive by the PartitionGuru Pro of Eassos. One of the most advanced features of this product is, it can clone the virtual disks also.

Basic Functions inside this tool

PartitionGuru offers some creative functions like another hard drive portioning solution. Generally, the traditional portioning program offers some basic tools like creating, hiding, deleting, formatting, etc. On the contrary, PartitionGuru approves some more activities like recovery process of the lost partitions, deleted file recovery process, lost files recover mood, partition backup system, disk clone, partition clone, quick partition etc. Besides, it also includes some advanced level file operation mood with the user friendly terms.  Moreover, it is also supportive for Virtual Box, VMware, Virtual disk file, etc. Almost in all formats like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and EXT3 and so on.

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Available Activities of the Software

To recover the lost partition, PartitionGuru is very effective for the Windows users. Through the support of this, you can get back the lost partition. In this process, when it finds out the lost partitions, all the corresponding attributes and the information will be viewed. The file recovery is an essential one term and PartitionGuru handles this process with necessary steps. Generally, in the portioning process, the users can damage any file or data accidentally. In that time, you can rely on this program to recover the lost data.

In case of hard drive partition, this offers some flexible functions like quick partition, back up the portioning file, integral partition etc. Inside these activities, the users will get the activity to handle the quick partitioning term with the simple mood with the image file backup system. After that, you can also assure the backup process of the partition table. PartitionGuru also offers some more needed features like file deleting process in a permanent way, backup and the restore mood by the windows system and so on.

Pricing of the Licenses

The price of each type of licenses of this software is reasonable and affordable. Depending on the number of computers, you will get the cost. For example, you can purchase this for more than 10 devices. In that case, the price for each PC will be only $52 as per November 6, 2015. But if you get this for 4 to 10 computers, then you have to pay $56/PC. Many people need a partition manager tool for only one PC. For that license, you will have to pay 69.95 USD.  Actually, comparing with the features, the rate is very cheap for this product. It has some additional functions such as the bootable disk creating capability. PartitionGuru Pro of Eassos can permanently delete several files.