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Landing pages, sales pages, and other pages are very important for making more profits from any project. You just have to create and use these things effectively. In doing so, a reliable platform can be used. OptimizePress is very reliable for this task. It is capable of creating and optimizing all these pages.

Review of OptimizePress

Generally, a landing page generator cannot create effective membership websites and other sites. That is why, most of the marketers use multiple solutions to generate all these things. To purchase each of these solutions, they spend a big amount. Generally, experienced professionals can afford that amount somehow. But, newbies often struggle to buy multiple solutions. That is why, we suggest to rely on a single platform. The name of that platform is OptimizePress. It offers an easy way to generate various pages and sites. Get the amazing product cheaply with our discount coupon and enjoy all the latest features and benefits. Grab the OptimizePress coupon now.

Landing Page Templates

OptimizePress comes with a big collection of landing page templates. Users are allowed to customize all these templates as per their necessities. As an example, they can add their brand names and logos on each page. Nowadays, webinars are converting very well. You have to offer eye-catching registration pages to attract more people to watch the webinars. That is why, this platform offers various webinar registration templates. For example, one of these items includes a built-in countdown timer to get a bigger audience in a quick time. Another one offers a download option on every registration page. OptimizePress provides lots of Thank You page templates and other landing page templates. The mobile responsive facility has made each of these templates more effective. Nowadays, almost 50% web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, your pages will get a bigger audience for the mobile responsive design.


Very Easy Integration

After creating a thank you page, registration page, or any other landing page, marketers may need to integrate that page with various platforms. For example, a lead-capturing page should contain opt-in forms. These forms are capable of collecting various information regarding the audience. Another important thing is to connect every page with email marketing platforms. OptimizePress is compatible with various email marketing platforms. Similarly, this solution is also compatible with different CRM systems. Instead of an ordinary page, marketers often use pages that contain eye-catching images, colors, and other elements. You will be able to customize each page with ease. OptimizePress allows to add different elements to make a page more attractive. Each page will convert more than any other pages created by ordinary platforms. So, you will be able to grab more profits with ease.

Make More Sales

Compared to other pages, sales are pages are different. You have to make direct sales by using these things. That is why, specialized templates are required. OptimizePress comes with a big collection of landing pages to meet this need. If you want to launch a book or sell any product, then the Book Sales Page is very effective. Nowadays, people are getting more profits by selling online courses. This platform comes with a specialized product for generating course selling pages. If a marketer wants to sell software or app, then his sales page must contain the features of that app. The Features Sales Page of OptimizePress is suitable for that. Similarly, this platform will help you to sell webinars, video contents, eBooks, and other things.

Membership Portals

Every OptimizePress license includes the OptimizeMember plugin. This plugin is capable of setting up online order forms. These forms can use for accepting payments from members. After making a successful payment, a member will be able to grab the desired products, contents, or courses. All these features are necessary to create a membership website or portal. That means, this platform helps create effective membership portals. These portals are necessary for making more loyal customers for different contents. You can offer different free products for the members.

A big number of membership templates are added to this platform. You just have to add the necessary content on any of these templates. And then, the desired membership site will be generated within a few minutes. One common problem occurs in every membership site. Sometimes, marketers cannot maintain the security of their contents. To solve this problem, OptimizePress comes with an advanced security for every content.

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OptimizePress review

Blog Themes

The success of a business mostly depends on the size of the audience. If there are more people interested a business, the business will have more chance to get more profits. Marketers use various techniques to attract more audience. One of these techniques is to create blogs. OptimizePress has a specialized theme named SmartTheme for generating these blogs. This theme is capable of making a blog faster and more beautiful. The design of this theme is selected for making more conversion.  Sometimes, theme contains so many elements that make a site messy. But, this one comes with only the necessary elements. These elements are helpful for converting more people into customers. Sometimes, people depend on multiple tools for creating minisites and microsites. OptimizePress is able to generate both these types of sites.

OptimizePress Discount and Pricing

It is very important to choose a suitable license before purchasing OptimizePress 3. This solution has three different licenses. The Core License can be purchased by paying only $97 without any promo code. It can use on three websites. You can create unlimited pages by using it. Unlimited leads and traffic will be generated by it. A complete website building ability has made this license very useful. But, professional marketers may need to use it more websites. The Publisher License is a better option for them. It can be used on 10 different sites.

Along with all the basic features discussed till now, some additional facilities are added here. For example, this license comes with an A/B testing facility. Additional discount code is currently not available, you have to pay only $197 to purchase it. The Pro License of OptimizePress 3 is available for only USD 297. It can work with 30 different sites. More facilities are added in this solution.

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