Norton Products Review | Antivirus Security and Malware Protection

Nowadays there are only a few software companies which are in the competition with Norton Brand. When you will ask the people of any country of the world to tell a name of computer protection tool, then you will hear one name most, that is the Norton.


Norton Products and Review

The class of Norton Products has proven worldwide. There are so many products you can find that Norton provides. Norton provides internet security and protection from antivirus. It also provides 360 protection for your devices. Some important features about the products:

Norton Antivirus

Those who want to use a unique kind of antivirus this tool is for them. The viruses will not find any way to reach your computer for the virus protection system consisting 5 different layers of Norton antivirus. Once it is installed then it will be always attentive for detecting the viruses in its SONAR monitoring process. It will not overlook those threats which are overlooked by the others. It can scan the unknown files to find out the unknown viruses. This antivirus will not let the dangerous apps to be installed on your PC. It is very friendly for scanning the other devices like smartphones and tablets. The internet connection bill will not overflow if you use this software. It will block the attacks of the cyber criminals also.

This is most probably the strongest antivirus software of the world. It has the SONAR behaviour system, so it can delete the viruses from your PC very quickly. Its virus detection system consists of five strongest machines. So it can block all the strong viruses which cannot be detected by the general antivirus. Your software will be up to date all the time.

Norton Internet Security

It has mainly four features more which have made this superior that the antivirus. Those are it has the anti-spam and anti-scam technologies, it is a high class online identity protector, it ensures the safety of your online bank accounts and it has the solid parental control which will help you to block the adult contents from your children.

It is more efficient than the other Internet Security tools. The security has some innovative features with all the features of antivirus tool. It can block the files which always been downloaded automatically. This tool can be used as the family safety tool by blocking the adult websites and reporting you about the browsing history of your PC. The definitions of the viruses will be updated always.

norton review

Norton 360

Anybody will feel better if he has some extra advantage with the protection tool. Norton 360 is that kind of impressive software. Norton includes some extra features with all those of the internet security tool to create the Norton 360. For example, it will make your computer very fast because it can remove the unwanted files and software from the device. So ultimately the battery life of your PC will be extended. It also offers the very protective cold storage of 2GB which you can use for your private use.

Norton 0ne

No need to buy different software for different device anymore. Norton offers this product which can be used in all of them with one license. For the windows PC it will act as the all way protection software, it will work against all the online threats if you use it in MAC devices. On the other hand it will protect the Android devices from all kinds of threats as well as it will help to find the location of your lost device. Norton will allow you to use 25 GB online space if you buy Norton One.

This is a very smart and versatile tool because you can use this tool for all the devices you have. It works as the total security tool for the PCs. The application can block all the PC threats and hackers attack very efficiently. It also provides high class Internet Security to the Macs and protects all the personal information. Norton ONE also offers great protection to your TABLETS and Android smartphones. It always keeps your personal data saved from the Internet Threats and unknown persons, even after your device is lost.