Norton 360 Multi Device Review : Protect PC, Mac, Android and iOS

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Norton is one of the most popular software companies which provide various types of security tools for various types of devices. The company has included so many useful and most importantly, some unique features of all the products and that is why its products are used worldwide. Norton 360 Multi Device is very efficient security software which we can use in multiple devices with one license. It has some impressive features.

norton 360 multi device

Why to Choose Norton 360 Multi Device

Norton is the famous brand for the protection tools for the computers and other devices. It has created such strong tool which can provide better security to your devices. Though all of the products of Norton are strong and effective, Norton 360 Multi Device is one of the strongest and most efficient products of this brand. If you consider the features of this product then you will get all the necessary features which you are looking for.

Major Features of This Product

The name of this product tells the main feature of this product and that feature is you can use this software to multiple devices. This unified software can be used in your Windows computers, smartphones & tablets of iOS & Android and the Mac devices. This innovative software detects and removes the viruses and other threats of these devices by  in a very high rate. Even Norton 360 Multi Device can be compatible with the latest operating system Windows 8 because of its touch friendly user interface.

Norton has created this product as beautifully that it can be updated automatically. If there any update is available, it will receive and install that without taking your permission. It maintains the built in schedule to update the virus definitions. Its update process will not make any harm to your running applications and other works. It can also work as the optimizer tool and that is why it will find out the unnecessary files from your computers and delete those for good. If you install this software then your PC will need minimum time to start up.

Benefits of This Product

Norton has included SONAR behaviour technology in this product to make it stronger. For this feature it can detect the unknown type of viruses by monitoring the behaviour of those. If you install this software to your tablets and smartphones, then you will be able to locate those devices if those are theft. It provides 25 GB online storage where you can create the backup files.

This software can work in any type of Windows computers, Mac devices, smartphones and tablets. So it can save you money because you don’t have to buy different security tools for your different devices. Sometime link of dangerous websites is shared with the social media sites. Norton 360 Multi device can block those links before you visit. It can also stop the loading of the phishing websites which stole your personal information. This strong software can save your identity, usernames and passwords and if you forget those then you can restore those with the help of this software. Your children can get affected by the internet. To protect them from this addiction, you can use the parental control of this product.

norton 360 multi device review

Additional Advantages of Norton 360 Multi Device

This software has the unique SONAR behaviour technique for which it can detect those viruses which are completely new. It can work as the perfect anti-spam software to make your email inbox totally free from the annoying spams. No need to update Norton 360 Multi Device because it can automatically receive all the necessary updates and virus definitions. It can protect the IP address of your device and it is helpful to maximize the battery life.

It will automatically detect those reasons for which your PC can be slowed down and then fix those perfectly. This exclusive tool will remove all the unnecessary files. So, it ensures the minimum time to start up of your PC. It will provide 25 GB online space where it will create the backup of the files. Norton 360 Multi device will help you to locate your missing devices very easily.