Ninja Tables Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Have Ninja Tables discount as 15% cash back for any type of site license: Single, Agency & Unlimited (annual and lifetime both). Please check the Ninja Tables Pro image below for the discount.

Ninja Tables discount

In this modern time, website development is getting so much common both for the technical and the nontechnical users. If you are ready to develop any site by using the WordPress platform, then a lot of flexible facilities will be appearing in front of you. Among of them, the presence of Ninja Tables is a useful one. The WordPress developers are getting a wide range of benefits from this solution. This is considered as a WP DataTables Plugin. If you have already tried to add a table within your WordPress site, then you have faced a lot of limitations in the customization process. While depending on Ninja Tables, this process will be so easy and simple.

Ninja Tables Review

Ninja Tables comes with the ultimate facilities for table creation in your WordPress site. It will provide you the experience of table creation and the customization process in a short time. Without applying a single line of code, you can manage all of these activities. By depending on your own need, you can change the look of the data and data previewing method. Therefore, it won’t slow down your website at all. This table has the capability to manage thousands of data in an efficient way. Most of all, this table can simply be controlled from the admin panel. Get the WP datatables plugin easily with our discount. Grab the Ninja Tables coupon now.

Ninja Tables

Advanced Features List Offered Here

Within Ninja Tables, you will observe a wide range of features. Here, the first one is media integration process to the table cells. This means, you can add images and other related multimedia contents to the corresponding table. The next term is connection process with Google Sheets. If you have stored your information on Google Sheets, then don’t worry at all. You can publish those data with the support of Ninja Tables. Therefore, you will observe an amazing feature which is drag and drop sorting facility. With this facility, you can simply drag and drop the table data and rearrange them quite easily.

To make your table more dynamic and powerful, it offers some advanced level customization features. Then, you will find data sorting method by depending on table columns. Here, searching criteria can simply be added. Some more facilities are also available within Ninja Tables like column formation, transform value, advanced data filtering etc.

Ninja Tables Pro Discount & Pricing

If you want to purchase Ninja Tables Pro for annual basis, then it asks $49 for a single site and for Agency License it asks $99 without any promo code. For unlimited sites, it asks $199/year. Then, you will observe Lifetime base purchasing method. Here, Single site demands $199. Then, for Agency License, you have to pay $399. Here, Agency License means, you can manage up-to 20 sites with this license. For Unlimited sites, you need to pay only $599.

So, get the plugin with our discount to create a table within your WordPress site. If you want to know anything else about Ninja Tables coupon in 2021, please contact us.