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NiceJob discount

Nowadays, people love to buy products after considering several reviews given by previous customers. A single solution is capable of collecting these reviews and distributing these on various platforms. The name of this solution is NiceJob.

Review of NiceJob

Product reviews can increase the number of customers. It can increase sales and revenues. At the same time, sites having customer reviews are loved by Google and other search engines. That means, your site will get higher SEO rank. You don’t have to worry about maintaining customer reviews. NiceJob is an impressive solution that will collect and post tons of reviews very efficiently. Get reviews easily with our discount. Grab the NiceJob coupon now.

Easy Working Process

You don’t have to face too much difficulty to collect and distribute the reviews. It just need the list of customers. Then, it will contact them to ask for the reviews. In doing so, this tool can send email and SMSs. More importantly, this software will send them messages or mails just after they purchase your products. Some of them may post the reviews instantly. Some of them may want to send those later. That is why, NiceJob has a reminding system. That means, it will detect who did not post any review. Then, it will send them another mail or message as a reminder. In this manner, it will collect a big number of reviews. NiceJob has a smart review funnel system. That is why, it will distribute the reviews just where you need.


Effective Customization

Another great feature of this software is its review customization system. Instead of text contents, people love to watch contents with graphics. This software allows to add suitable images with every review. That is why, reviews look more attractive. At the same time, you can also add service and product tags with every review. After that, visitors will be able to go the product pages just after reading a review. NiceJob also allows to add comments just under every post. Sharing the post on multiple platform is very urgent. This tool is able to post these contents on various platforms. Some of these platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

NiceJob Discount & Pricing

NiceJob has two different licenses for the review collection and distribution. Its Lite License is available for only USD 45 per month without any promo code. Each and every feature discussed till now is available here. But, we suggest to grab the Standard License. This one can be bought by paying only $75 per month. It has several additional facilities. For example, this product can automate the review invites. Different Facebook marketing campaigns can be boosted up by using it. This NiceJob License also has a capability to deal with photo messages. Different campaign templates are added here also. You will get more reviews by using this advanced license.

Hence, please get the software cheaply with our coupon now. Hopefully the NiceJob discount will satisfy your needs.