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Avail NewsMakerPro coupon as 25% cash rebate. The offer is applicable for NewsMakerPro Single and Multi-site license both.

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NewsMakerPro coupon

A news site should be more authentic and professional looking. You have to use a specialized tool to generate such site. NewsMakerPro is a great tool for this task. It is a WordPress plugin that helps create any kind of professional news website.

Review of NewsMakerPro

A big number of people create magazines or news websites by using WordPress themes. But, in the most of these cases, their websites do not look professional. Another important thing is monetizing these sites. But, this task cannot be done by just a theme. After considering all these facts, we suggest NewsMakerPro. This is an impressive WP plugin that can generate news websites very quickly and easily. Get the WP plugin easily with our coupon. Grab the NewsMakerPro discount now.

Self-Updating Facility

You may know about some other tools that can create news websites. These tools are capable of finding out relevant news from various sources and add these to create a new one. But, the most of these tools are not able to update the created sites regularly. NewsMakerPro has come with this important feature. It is capable of updating a site after every 5 minutes. You can also set a suitable schedule to update your news site. An ordinary tool can bring news or articles from only a few sources. But, this one can bring those from over 30 thousand sources. So, you can literally create sites for providing almost all types of news.


Advanced Customization

Very easy customization is another great feature of NewsMakerPro. It will let you customize every article with ease. For example, you can replace a particular keyword in an article with an affiliate link. In this manner, each post will be monetized very well. A built-in spinner is also there to spin any article to create a unique one. Sometimes, you may need to target the audience of a particular region. To face such needs, you have to translate the necessary contents. This task can easily be done with the built-in translator of NewsMakerPro. It is capable of translating any content into more than 150 languages. This plugin is able to convert any article into different posts, attachments, and menu items.

NewsMakerPro Coupon and Pricing

Though NewsMakerPro is available for a single site and multiple site, we suggest to purchase the Multi-Site License. You just have to pay USD 29.99 to grab this without the coupon. And after that, it will help create 10 different news sites. Compared to this one, the Single Site License is a bit unpopular option. It will cost you USD 28.99 to create only a single news site. All the other features are added in both these licenses. There are some common facilities too. For example, both these NewsMakerPro licenses have a money back guarantee. You can enjoy this facility for 30-days after purchasing any license. A detailed tutorial facility is added to both of these.

Therefore, please purchase the application with our discount to create professional news website. Hopefully, the NewsMakerPro coupon will make you happy.