NeverBounce Discount: Get Cool Coupon and Pricing

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Grab 5% cash back on your purchase amount, providing as NeverBounce discount. Please see below NB image for this discount rebate.

NeverBounce Discount

It is a fact that the email marketing is a very impressive way to communicate with the customers. But, your list should be full of a big number of valid email addresses. NeverBounce will help to verify these email addresses with ease. That is how, you will be able to run your campaign more successfully.

Features and Review of NeverBounce

There are so many ways to create an email list. Different software can do that with ease. But, these tools are not capable of verifying every address. That is why, there can be so many invalid email addresses in any list. There are two ways to solve this problem. First, you have to check the validity of each of these addresses. This is almost impossible, because nobody has that much time to do this task manually. And second, you have to depend on a software solution. NeverBounce is a strongly recommended solution in doing this task. This affordable solution comes with some impressive features. Avail the impressive NB features with our discount. The NeverBounce coupon can be obtained upon following the aforementioned NB image instructions.

High Level Accuracy

NeverBounce is not the only tool that can verify so many email addresses. There are some other tools that can do so. Some of these tools depend on some historical data to validate some addresses. That is why, there is a big chance of making some errors. But, this software does not rely on any historical data. Rather, it uses a real-time technology for the verification of any list of email addresses. So, you will get a high level accuracy from it. NeverBounce is a quick performing solution. It takes only 3 minutes to check a list of 10 thousand emails.


Various Operations

This solution is capable of performing various operations. For example, it can check the validity of any mail server. There can be some harmful emails in a list. This solution is able to find out all kinds of risk factors with ease. That is why, there will be a very small change of bouncing your messages. Domain health checking is another important feature of NeverBounce. It ensures a consistency of your campaign by checking the domain servers.

NeverBounce Discount and Pricing Plans

Various pricing policies are available for the NeverBounce. First of all, you have to decide your target emails. Suppose, that target is 10 thousand addresses. In this case, you have to pay only $0.008 per mail excluding the discount. This unit cost will be reduced if anyone purchases this for checking more emails. For example, in case of dealing with up to 100 thousand mails, this unit cost will be $0.005 only in 2019. Similarly, there are some others Pay As You Go plans. NeverBounce provides an Enterprise Package also. As per 8 November 2018, this license is available for only USD 5000/year. It will let you deal with 3 million email addresses in a year.

Hence, please avail the email verification and also the list cleaning services with our coupon. Hopefully, the NeverBounce discount is going to impress you.