Netsanity Discount: Get Coupon on The Parental Control Solution

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Netsanity Discount

Netsanity is created by a company based in America. Its primary service is protecting kids from internet dangers. The internet can be addictive. Spending too much time on the internet is harmful both mentally and physically. Children at a young age are very vulnerable. Venturing the internet without proper guidance might expose them to harmful contents.

Review of Netsanity

Netsanity has delivered their solution to block more than seventy applications and games which might be inappropriate for kids. Parenting users can not only block these applications, but can also monitor the applications that’re installed on the devices.

System setting takes under three minutes. It’s usable on devices such as iOS, Samsung phones and tablets. The brief description to system setting is signing up, activating the application and manage everything through the dashboard. Avail the cool features of Netsanity with our discount. Simple following the instructions in the aforementioned image and grab the Netsanity coupon easily.

Appblocker and Gameblocker

There are uncountable numbers of applications available and accessible that uses location-based services for users to fully operate it. Children might not be aware of such things. Therefore, when they run these applications, parents’ kids are at risk. This’s because the individual on the other side of the application may be a harmful person. The person can be an imposter. Parents can now manage and reduce such dangerous risk by using Netsanity. They can monitor applications’ activities and block these apps. Apart from mindlessly browsing the internet, one of the other addictive tasks is playing games on smartphones. To prevent excessive gaming, parents can select the gaming application and add them to blocking list.


Timeblocker, Filtering, Catblocker

Timeblocker function allows users to control the access time for using and browsing the internet by setting specific time. Parents can now cut off internet access during their kids’ study time or when everyone is about to sleep. The timeblocker secures a healthy usage of internet and forces children to become disciplined and well behaved. YouTube has billions of videos. These videos contain different contents for different viewers and also various comments. Filtering is provided to protect kids from adult and inappropriate contents on YouTube. This also block them from seeing offensive comments. Every website has a tag or a category. Not every category is suitable for young individual. Hence, Netsanity has introduced catblocker which prevents around thirty categories to be monitored or blocked from browsing.

Netsanity Discount and Price Plans

Netsanity gives fourteen-days for users to create their free premium account. During this time, users can use all the functions of this parental-control application. However, if users love the protective services, then they can purchase One Device plan for $59.95 without any promo code. For more than one device there’s Two Devices plan which is $99.95, and this can scale up to twenty-five devices. The software’s dashboard also displays information like kids’ device’s battery information and the total date or Wi-Fi usage.

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