Nestify Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Nestify discount

Nestify is a single platform that offers hosting facilities for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. Similarly, other hosting facilities are also offered by it.

Features and Review of Nestify

Though there are a big number of hosting providing companies, all these companies are not reliable. Some of their products are very costly. That is why, newbies and small agencies cannot get their services. By considering these facts, we recommend to depend on Nestify. This company comes with several products. Each of these products is very much reliable. And, you have to pay only a little amount to access those. Get the amazing hosting package cheaply with our discount. The Nestify coupon will be able to save you some.

WooCommerce Hosting

A managed WooCommerce hosting is very important for making an online business more profitable. Such a facility can ensure a faster transaction and a better uptime. Nestify provides a top quality WooCommerce hosting. This service is very fast. And, it will give a faster environment to visitors. There is no need to deal with DNS propagations, database setting, and password management. Only a few clicks are enough to deploy WordPress from its console. Sometimes, we take help from others to migrate a site. But, you don’t have to depend on others wither. Nestify has a team of engineers. They will migrate your website without any fee. It comes with an SSH access facility and several CLI tools. Hence, your WooCommerce site will be open 24/7. This solution is capable of working with all kinds of plugins and themes.


Managed WordPress Solution

Nowadays, lots of companies provide managed hosting services for WordPress websites. But actually, the most of these services are not fully managed. Nestify is not like those ordinary companies. Its product is fully managed. That means, it is specially designed for WordPress sites. A marketer takes several steps to ensure a better conversion rate. Website loading speed is one of the top factors of getting a higher conversion rate. But, almost every managed WordPress hosting service makes a website slower. Nestify is well aware of that. That is why, it keeps every website faster. This solution is developer friendly.

The Nestify advantages can be enjoyed with our coupon offered here. Extra discount not required for the WordPress hosting.

Managed WP Hosting

We have seen different companies that provide managed WordPress hosting. Nestify also does so. But, it comes with tons of impressive facilities. For example, it does not apply any restriction on any WordPress plugin. You will be allowed to install any plugin with full functionality as per necessity. If your site is hosted by any other provider, there is no need to be worried about the migration. This solution offers a free migration facility. Similarly, every plan of this hosting service provides free CDN. And, you will also get a dedicated bandwidth with every CDN facility. There are lots of other platforms that do not support the latest version of WordPress. But, this product of Nestify will always support the latest version. It includes an automatic daily backup facility.

WordPress hosting

WooCommerce Friendly

From this single platform, you can purchase an impressive hosting facility for WooCommerce websites. There are different WooCommerce platforms. This solution supports almost every popular platforms, including Walmart, Amazon, and Akamai. This solution ensures a faster loading for every site. That is why, there will be a better conversion rate. A bigger conversion rate always indicates a higher revenue. Another important thing is its search engine optimization. If a WooCommerce site is hosted by this Nestify product, that site will get a better SEO ranking. Similarly, there will be a better ROI for every ad campaign.

Sometimes, you may need to host your client’s sites with Nestify hosting facilities. In such case, this platform provides an impressive service. It provides hosting services for agencies for supporting WooCommerce and WordPress websites. It always ensures blazing fast speed and an intuitive interface. You may have heard different solutions that store the backups in a single location. But, Nestify is able to store the files in three different locations. That is why, there is no chance of losing any data.

Nestify Discount & Pricing

This solution has various licenses. If you have a small website to manage, then there are three different licenses. The Starter Plan is a very small one. Only $7.99 should be paid per month to enjoy this one. It supports 10 thousand monthly visitors and 5GB SSD storage. The Personal License can enjoy by paying only $19.99 monthly without discount. This license is able to work with 75 thousand monthly visitors and 10GB storage. Similarly, you have to pay only USD 49.99 per month to access the Professional Plan. It supports 150 thousand visitors per month. Nestify has multiple licenses for large agencies and WooCommerce sites. N-Small is the smallest plans among all these licenses. It is available for only 79 USD per month. You will be able to use this license on five different sites.

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