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This modern time is getting advanced with the support of the technology. Without the helpful support of the technology, we won’t be able to maintain the needed tasks in the professional section as well as in personal case. Sometimes, we need to scan some document files and make the searchable document copy. To allow this process, Neat is a dependable platform. This platform offers many software programs with the devices by which any user can allow the scanning system almost from any paper or business card or the receipts. It uses all the needed technologies to maintain this system. Under Neat Scanner, the users will get three platforms and these are: NeatReceipts, NeatConnect and NeatDesk.


NeatScanner and the Functions

In the professional section, we have to depend on a lot of functions to manage our life more comfortable. Without the helpful support of needed technologies, we can’t get the best profit. Sometimes, in professional sections, we need to reflect the use of the extraction process of main themes and the information from the document files. To allow this procedure, NeatScanner is a supportive one platform. It helps the users to extract the needed information from the document files and the papers. Besides, the extraction process is needed to apply in the business card also. To allow all the needed activities in these categories, NeatScanner offers three programs with the devices and these devices are: NeatDesk, NeatConnect and NeatReceipts. The products under NeatScanner and their Features:


This scanning solution is an appropriate one to connect the device with the desktop PC. This scanning program offers the fastest scanning system with the effective organizing system. It affords the fastest scanning system and the identification process of the core information from the document files. In the technological section, it affords the ID2 technology. It can scan the receipts, document files and the business cards with a speedy way. It can scan almost 24 pages in a single minute. Besides, 50 pages can scan at a time with both side formats.

This program is needed to connect with the desktop PC. It can convert the papers almost 24 pages in each minute. After that, it can run the performance in a sequential mood at the conversion process. Due to the support of this, the business based cards will be converted into a digital based contact system. The extracted information can be used further almost any sector.


This is one of the best devices under NeatScanner. It can transform the papers into the digital format through the WiFi system. Without using any PC, you can get the best facility of the scanning mood. The best feature of this program is the easy access system. At any time, you can access into this to allow the scanning procedure. To enable the scanning system, you can use your tablet PC or the smart phone device also. After that, the scanning system and the extracting procedure are very fast and reliable in this. After extracting the information, the data can be used by the users at any time. Moreover, it holds the system of sharing the extracting files while completing the effective organizing procedure.

This scanner used as a WiFi based device with the effective scanning system. It has the ability to convert the papers into the digital format. After that, it sends out that converted file to the cloud section. Without using any PC, it can manage all these activities. This program is a helpful one to access almost at any time. In any situation, you can manage the document files according to your way.

neatscanner review


This is used mainly as a portable one scanning device with the best organization system. The needed information identification process is conducted by this program in a quick process. It can be used in the Mac OS or Windows OS. You can carry this almost in any place and manage it through the USB cable while connecting it with the PC.

This is a desktop based software program. This holds the portable scanning system with the smartest organizing system. This holds the functions to identify the core information from the document file section. After that, you organize the core information as a searchable format. This program as well as the devices can connect both the Windows section as well as with the Mac OS. This portable scanning solution can shift almost at any place as it is a light one with less weight. You can easily carry it in your bag, briefcase or other sections. Besides, it doesn’t ask for the AC based power mood. After plugging it through the USB section with the PC, you can allow the performance of it. It can read out the needed information and extract them into a sequential format. All the records will convert into a digital format.

Pricing of NeatScanner Products

NeatDesk can purchase through $399.95. After that, to get NeatReceipts, the users need $179.95. To purchase NeatConnect, you will have to pay $499.95. All these programs hold the main theme of scanning system which is mandatory in the professional sector.