NapoleonCat Discount: Coupon on Marketing & Analytics Platform

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NapoleonCat Discount

NapoleonCat helps users to outperform competitors in the social media market so that their customer receives effective services. NapoleonCat needs users’ email address to provide them with fourteen day free services with subscription cancelling option. This application provides complete package of tools for users to smoothly publish their marketing brand.

Review of NapoleonCat

The tools that’re provided to users are: Analytics, Report system, Social Inbox, Automation, and Publish. Analytics tool assists in measuring and tracking the effectiveness of users’ marketing progress and their competitors. Analytics tools provides help by breaking down complicated social-media marketing information to make it understandable by users. Inside the software there’s a benchmark graph implemented for users to compare their progress with competitors. Finally, all graphs and its data has options for exporting and downloading in PNG formats. If you liked the NC features, then please purchase proceed for the purchase with our discount. Grab the NapoleonCat coupon today.

Social Inbox and Automation

NapoleonCat has Social Inbox for users to handle all kinds of customer queries and questions. NapoleonCat’s Social Inbox allows users to administer and moderate their Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts etc. This special inbox service has live chat for users to please their customers and make them happy. Users can connect unlimited social accounts with the live chatting services to engage with audiences. The Automation system lets users to perform automatic actions like replying, deleting, and private messaging. Team members can control the Automation system to moderate different pages to reply different customers. Team members can also communicate with their team’s consultant to get the best answer for client’s questions. Lastly, users can track all the messaging activities between teammates and audiences.


Marketing Report and Publish

NapoleonCat’s other two tools are Report tool and Publish tool. The report tool completes marketing reports automatically, and saves precious hours for the users. Users can save their own reports and also save their competitors’ reports as PDF file. Report tool has setup options to email the reports to users or clients on a regular basis. Customization is available to change the logo or to add personal comments on the report. Publish tool lets users to post all their contents together across all their social accounts. The publishing page has scheduling options along with options to add links, upload images and add videos. The built-in calendar helps with planning and scheduling many posts to improve performance.

NapoleonCat Discount and Price Plans

NapoleonCat’s Small Business normal plan is $89 and annual plan is $75. Small Business plan provides access to one user and has five social profiles. E-commerce annually plan is $143, and monthly price is $169 without the discount. E-commerce has fifteen social profiles, Automate and Report tools, and gives access to three users. Agency plan is $299, and its annual plan is $254, and it gives ten user access with thirty social profiles.

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