MySql Backup FTP Review, BackUp Your Important Documents

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In our modern life, the need of the backup system is an essential one term by which we can assure the best protection mood of our personal and needed data. To maintain the MySQL database section backup processing, MySql Backup FTP is a reliable solution. Through the support of this solution, the automatic backup procedure can be assured easily. Under the MySQL database section, there exists the term to backup the important files from the database section of the corresponding website or the blogs. It is also capable of running the custom scripts. Moreover, the term to backup the file folders and the viewing process of the result can be maintained easily.

MySql Backup FTP

MySql Backup FTP Overview

SQL Backup and FTP offers four premium packages. Besides, there also exists a free trial version which is offered with the limited conditions. The premium packages are: Lite, Standard, Professional and Prof Lifetime. The Lite package is suitable for the personal users and it can purchase through the price of $29. To purchase Standard, you will have to pay only $59. In getting the Professional package, the users need only $69. By paying only $119, you can purchase the Prof Lifetime package.

Why to Choose the System

In maintaining the digital life with the needed support, the presence of the database storage is an essential term. To handle this section, we are totally dependent on the SQL server section. In SQL server section, we can store various types of data according to the data format. With the SQL server section, SQL Backup and FTP is a related term. This product is mainly used to manage the SQL server backup system with the effortless condition. With the helpful support of this solution, the users can simply manage the backup procedure of the corresponding database section to any specific folder, Dropbox, FTP section or other categories. Here, you won’t feel the term to maintain the SSMS configuration process.

Main Activities Performed

This is one of the effective programs to restore the database files of any type of website. In some cases, the users can’t connect the MySQL server section through the TCP/IP. In that case, the users can depend on phpMyAdmin Export to backup the MySQL section. It affords the scheduling, backup process. To enable this process, it asks for the FTP or MySQL credentials and it will automatically backup the needed MySQL files under the corresponding website. As the timing order is maintained through this solution, so it sends out the email notification system about the backup process. Because of the activities of database file backup, it notifies the users if the process is successful or not. MySql Backup FTP generally stores the database file in the cloud drive. So, the data is kept in safe mood.

Available Features Offered

One of the best features under SQL Backup and FTP is the flexible installation system. Besides, the database section process and the backup system can handle simply under this. In case of accessing method in the database section while using SQL Backup and FTP, the users will get some user friendly steps with the available categories. In case of data backup system, the encryption process is available. Besides, the compression method assures the way to reduce the file size of the database system. All of these procedures are performed in a secured way. So, there is no chance to loss the data in the backup process. In case of database table, sending process to the authorized boxes, folder, cloud drive or the related section, there exist some flexible steps and the users can handle these steps in a simple mood.

MySql Backup FTP review

After that, in SQL Backup and FTP, you can observe the term of the scheduled backup system. This system is very supportive as it offers the way to backup the needed data in a defined timing order. So, there is no opportunity to send the specific database folder in a manual process. After completing the database file sending process, you will get the term of email notification to the authorized email accounts. It offers the users to use unlimited number of databases.

Available Packages

Mysql Backup FTP offers almost four Premium packages. These packages are: Prof Lifetime, Professional, Standard and Lite. Besides, the free version is also offered by MySql Backup FTP. Within the free trial version, you can observe some limited facilities. All these premium packages offer some common features like scheduling database file backup system, send the backup to local folder/FTP, sends out the email notification process, automatic email services, 1 year subscription process for the web log section, send up the backup files to the Google drive etc.

Then, some variations in the feature category will observe like unlimited scheduling process of database backup, send up the backup files to OneDrive, Amazon s3, ASE encryption process of the zip files, advanced level FTP options, free up-gradation process and so on. The Lite package is available through the price of $29. The Standard package can purchase at the price of $59. To get the Professional package, you will need to pay $69. For the Professional level use, Prof Lifetime is applicable and it can purchase through $129.