Myfax Review & Pricing Plan

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Myfax will show how you can send a fax to the clients with ease without facing a lot of issues. It will show how you can send faxes digitally to the clients. It will show how you can send emails to the clients straight away without facing many issues. The software also has online fax storage that allows storing the data faster and easier fashion without any issues. Myfax has a free support system that allows you to solve any issues faster with a smooth speed.


Myfax Review

Myfax also shows the customer service that you can easily get on the phone. You can solve any issues you face completely from your mobile phone as you can get customer service on your mobile phone. The installation of the application of this tool can be done directly on a mobile phone. The software provides the chance to store the fax online. You can store all the fax data in one place. So that you do not need to worry about keeping the fax anywhere. It has a local number that is completely toll-free. It means you do not need to pay any extra money to make a fax or receive in local number.

Highlights of the Application

Myfax does not require to have any kind of additional software or hardware to provide results and drive conversion. Myfax will help to get rid of the software or it does not require you to purchase a fax machine. It has shipment facilities included with this tool. You can sort out and set up the address for 5 different sites and send emails to 5 different addresses. It has fax conversion included with this tool which allows you to convert any file into fax faster. It allows you to directly receive fax to your email providing free access.

MyFax review

Easy and Convenient Way

Myfax provides an easy way and convenient way to manage things. It can create fax without scanning or printing fax. For sending the fax, you need to insert your email address and insert the file from the fax. It has an easy way to check faxes send by email. The emails can be checked instantly without any issues. It has proper encryption that helps you to protect your fax and email at any moment. As a result, you can get optimum safety not worrying about losing the fax data. It offers the chance to send emails to anybody at a fast pace.

Pricing Plans of MyFax

MyFax has 3 different packages at the moment. The bronze package is priced at only 13 dollars per month. The silver package of this tool is priced at only 19 dollars per month. The gold package of Myfax is priced at only 32 dollars per month. It has 500 free pages per month.  Even if you reach the limit of fax pages per month, the service will not be cut off.